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Dec 8, 2004
where would u like me lcoated? ;) lol Just kidding
heya pplz im bout to start indochina in MH and i do this by DE and i was wondering if anyone present or past HSC students could give me notes from classes i would be forever grateful lol coz my teach really really hates me yah like really hates me lol but i showed her! lol yah i struggled with indochina last yr and yah i hope that people might be able to help me so i can show my teacher i know what im doing and that i am smart coz she told me she cried when she got my world war one assignment coz she thought it was that bad but then the markers marked it and i got 80% so it couldnt have been too bad lol. so yeah im blabbering on now so if anyone wants to help me at all send me a private msg ok and ill get back to u i would really appreciate if people could try and help me this time coz last time no 1 bothered to help and i promise if u guys need any help i will help you out too but i really really need this so i can show my teacher that im not the loser she thinks i am.

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