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Introducing New Excel Year 12 study guides for the new syllabuses! (1 Viewer)

Bored of Studies

Jan 28, 2006
Save 20% off the Excel range!

These BRAND NEW study guides have been specifically written for the new Year 12 syllabuses and now have even more features than before to help students succeed in Year 12.

You can have complete confidence that all your revision resources contain content that is aligned to the current syllabus outcomes.

For a limited time we are offering Bored of Studies members a special offer: save 20% off the Excel range today with coupon code STUDIES20 at checkout.

Also, Bored of Studies Members can access FREE resources for HSC students from the NEW Syllabus Excel range!

Learn more at http://www.pascalpress.com.au/free-excel-hsc-resources/

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