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Macleay College Payment System. (1 Viewer)


I'm a soul rebel.
Sep 11, 2006
Hey Y'all.
How's life? I'm new to this forum so deep apologies if this post comes across as a cause of annoyance.
I'll admit due to protective parents that i'm uneducated in understanding how the fees situation at Macleay College works.
Last week I recieved my application form for the Diploma in Journalism next year. I've got the registration fee ready. I'm just stuck in rut concerning Person/Company Responsible For Payment of Accounts section. To fill this section do I have first apply for a Commonwealth assisted loan or what? And once i'm approved can I send in my application? I'm really confused and i'd like someone to help clear it up.
Can someone also explain to me how the Commonwealth assisted loan system works?

Mightily appreciated.

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