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Aug 11, 2019
How does the structure of this assessment task actually work? I'm aware that you have to perform 2 pieces of no more than 10 minutes total (and I know about the topic requirements) but how does this work with playing movements from a larger work. I was planning on playing Mozart's K283 Sonata (as I am doing this for Amus) but I have some questions:

1. Will this preclude me from getting full marks since I'm not showing enough diversity of performance repertoire?
2. Can I treat, say, the first and second movements as one piece and the third movement as a second piece?
3. Am I able to play repeats in order to get as close as possible to the 10-minute time limit?

It's a real shame that there are such limiting requirements for what pieces you can play, as I imagine most people doing music 2 elective performance are doing at least eighth grade and hence have a fairly diverse repertoire for their exam preparation.

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