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Feb 16, 2005
Frequently asked questions on the new website

1. When will the current site be no longer accessible for launch of the new website?
The current site will no longer be available from Friday 31st of May as we will need time to set up and launch the new site by Sunday 2nd of June. We urge all users to be prepared for this. If you need anything urgent from the site, make sure you do it well before that Friday.

2. Is there anything I should do or prepare for prior to the website launch?
Under the new site you will be prompted to login your account afresh so make sure you remember your password or reset it accordingly. If you need to download anything urgent from the site for the weekend of Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June, please do that well in advance.

3. What will be the main changes in the Forums section?
The functionalities in the forums will be very similar to the current site, just with a different look.

4. What will be the main changes in the Resources section?
The Resources section will change most dramatically compared to the current site. These include:
• Resources can be rated by those who download them
• All resource uploads will be available to users straight away without having to wait for moderator approval
• Resources can be reported to moderators, just like forum posts
• Ability to edit, update or delete any resource you uploaded
• Resources will be structured in alignment with the new HSC syllabus where applicable
• More user friendly functionalities in general

5. Will the new site be accessible on mobile phone web browser or Tapatalk?
There will be a mobile phone friendly version of the site on web browser which is more accessible than the current one. We expect users to view the new site on their phone via their web browser. Please be aware that we do not anticipate launching the new website via Tapatalk given the issues we had experienced in the past with the app. Existing Tapatalk users are encouraged to use our website through their web browser which is far more user friendly than the current site.

6. What will happen to the old/existing forums and resources after launch of the new website?
All existing forums will be migrated to the new website. All existing resources will also be there, though with a slight difference - all old resources will be under the BoredOfStudies account by default as an 'archive'. This is because the current/existing website has back end issues preventing us from linking resource files to the right user account. Under the new website, all resources uploaded must be automatically linked a user's account. If you wish to have your old resources assigned to your username, please post in Contact Moderators and we can manually assign them to you.

7. What if I have questions on how to use the new site?
There will be user guides posted shortly by the moderating team after the new site is launched which will assist you. If you still have questions, please post a thread in the Contact Moderators forum and we will help you there.

8. What should I do if I find a bug or issue with the new site?
If you do find issues please report them in the Contact Moderators forum as soon as possible. The site has been thoroughly tested up to this point so we do not expect too many of them.
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Creating an account

1. Click on “register” button at the top right side of the blue banner
2. A screen should pop up that says “Register”
3. Fill in all details that state they are required, and scroll down till you reach a blue button named “register”. You will need be required to provide the following information.
- Username
- Email
- Password
- Date of birth
- First name
- Last name
- Gender
- High School Graduation
- Postcode
- Future plans
- Industry interests
- Verification
4. Click on the blue button “Register”.
5. If successful, the following words will appear

Creating/editing signature

1. Click on the button labelled with your user name at the top right side of the blue banner (next to guide/inbox buttons)
2. Under “Settings” go to “Signature”
3. A box with options above it will appear which is where you can type your signature.
4. Click on the blue “Save” button underneath the box when satisfied with your signature.
5. If you want to change or edit your signature at any stage, repeat the first 3-4 steps.

Thanks for registering. In order to complete your registration, you must follow the link in the email that has been sent to you.
• Return to the forum home page
• Edit your account details

6. Go to your email address, and find an email sent by boredofstudies. Click the link contained within the email to confirm your account.

All email addresses must be unique, and cannot have been used to create an account previously.

Creating/editing avatar

1. Click on the button labelled with your user name at the top right side of the blue banner (next to guide/inbox buttons)
2. Under “Settings” go to “Account details”.
3. Click on the Square box (image) next to avatar to change your avatar.
4. Make sure “Use a custom avatar” is checked
5. Under upload a new custom avatar, click choose file to select an image from your computer of the avatar you want then click "open".
6. Then choose “Okay”.
7. Congratulations you have uploaded your signature.

PM/Conversations with other users

Starting a new conversation/PM
1. Click on the button labelled "inbox" at the top right side of the blue banner (next to username/alarm labelled buttons).
2.Click on "Start a new conversation"
3. Click the box under "Recipients" and begin typing the username of the person you would like to talk to. Then click "enter". You can add multiple people to the conversation in the same way.
3. In the box "Title" type a subject in relation to what the PM is about.
4. You can choose to attach files through the "Attach files" button. You can also see what the PM will look like once sent through the "Preview" button.
5. When you are satisfied with your message. You should click on the blue button called "Start Conversation". You can also choose to allow other users to add people to the conversation through ticking "Allow Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others". Alternatively, you can choose to tick "Lock conversation (no responses will be allowed)" to prevent other users from responding to your pm.

Replying to PM/Conversations

1. Click on the "Inbox" button on the top upper right corner.
2. The three most recent conversations will be visible in a drop-down menu. To see all your conversations click on the "Show all" text, or to start a new conversation click on the " Start a new conversation" text.

Continuing PM/Conversations

1. Click on the "Inbox" button on the top upper right corner.
2. The three most recent conversations will be visible in a drop-down menu. To see all your conversations click on the "Show all" text.
3. Scroll down till you see the latest conversation you would like to reply to. Click on the blue text (which will be the conversation header). To reply to the conversation look for the box underneath the conversation that has an "Attach file", "Post reply" and "Preview" buttons. When ready to send a new message in the conversation click the "post reply" button.

You will be able to see users who are viewing this conversation (near the bottom of the screen), as well as on the middle right side see Conversation info which includes number of participants in conversation, number of replies, when the last reply was (in respect to time), and who replied last. Underneath you will also see Conversation participants and choose to "Invite more" (button) members to join the conversation with you.


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May 31, 2015
• Downloading and rating a resource

1. Click the button in the navigation bar labelled "Resources".
2. Click on the blue coloured title of the resource that you need.
3. Click the orange button labelled "Download" near the top right area of the page.
4. To leave a rating, under the "Download" button there is a blue button labelled "Leave a rating".
5. Just click one of the stars to leave a rating out of 5, and you can provide reasoning in the text box below as well.

• Adding a resource

1. After navigating to "Resources", click the orange button labelled "Add resource".
2. Fill in the subject and topic you are uploading the resource for, e.g. Mathematics Extension 2.
3. Fill in the required text boxes: Title (name of resource), Tag Line (1 line description), Type (e.g. notes, trial paper), Year (HSC year of resource), Description (more detailed description), and an optional text box - Tags (keywords that people can search to find your resource).
4. Click the "Save" button.

• Editing/Deleting own resource

1. To edit/delete your resource, first find your resource under the "Resources" tab and click it to open the resource's own page.
2. Under the orange "Download" button, click the "..." button and an arrow which will open a drop down menu.
3. To edit your resource, click "Edit resource" and to delete it, click "Delete resource".
4. When editing a resource, make the relevant edits and then click "Save" to finish or "Preview" to see how it will look.
4. When deleting the resource, you can choose to make it private with reasoning, or to delete it from the website, then click "Delete".

• Searching for a resource

1. You can use the navigation bar on the left hand side under the "Resources" page to find a specific subject or module you are looking for. Clicking the drop down arrow next to a subject reveals its individual modules.
2. Another option is to click the blue text called "Search resources" which is located under the "Resources" menu option in the navigation bar and to the right of the "Watched" text near the top of the "Resources" page.
3. Enter the keywords you are looking for in the "Keywords" box, who it is posted by (optional), how old the resource can be ("Newer than" box), and the subject you want. The "Search child categories as well" checkbox means subcategories are included in the search.
4. Click the blue "Search" button.

• Reporting inappropriate resource content to moderators

1. Under the description of a resource, there is blue text written as "Report".
2. A box will pop up where you can write the reason for reporting.
3. Click "Report".

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Mar 28, 2015
• Creating a new thread
1. Click on the 'Forums' section.
2. Click on the orange coloured "Post Thread..." button on the top right hand side of the Main Forums page or a specific Sub-Forum.
3. Put in a thread title.
4. Write out the content.
5. To insert a poll click the 'Post a poll button which is just above 'Post Thread' button.
6. Click on a blue button 'Post Thread' to publicly post your thread.

• Posting in a thread
1. Go to the bottom of the thread.
2. Write out the content.
3. For quoting someone's post go to their post and click 'reply' button.
4. For quoting more than one person, click on the 'reply' button of the second post after you have quotes the first post.
5. For Image, click on a painting button, left of the smiley face and insert your image.
6. For inserting other media (from approved sites) click on the '...' button and select media. You can also insert miscellaneous features like spoilers and code from '...'!
7. For inserting files from your computer click 'Attach Files'.
8. Click on 'Post Reply' to publicly post your reply.

• Editing/Deleting own post
1. Go to your post/reply.
2. For editing your posts, click on the 'Edit' button at the bottom of your post and then click 'Save' after you are done editing.
3. For deleting your posts, click on the 'Delete' button at the bottom of your post.
4. Provide reasoning and delete your post.

• Searching for a forum/thread
1. Click the blue text called "Search threads" which is located under the "Forums" menu option in the navigation bar and to the right of the "Watched" text near the top of the "Forums" page.
2. Enter the keywords you are looking for in the "Keywords" box, who it is posted by and other filters to aid your search.
3. Click the blue "Search" button.

• Reporting inappropriate forum content to moderators
1. Go to the post that you find inappropriate and click on the 'Report' button at the bottom of that post.
2. Enter reason for reporting to aid moderators and admins in their investigation.
3. Click on the blue 'Report' button and you post will be reported to the moderators and admins.
4. You can find your reported thread in the 'Contact Moderators Sub Forum.

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