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Mar 31, 2005
depends where in cronulla you want the apartment.

also any extras. do you want/need one with a carspace/carport/garage? keep in mind parking is limited on teh streets of cronulla and the ticket police people are fierce. alot of people i work with get super big lots of fines cos of parking issues.

do you want to be close to train station or the beach?
etc etc

usually around 200 p/w. give or take depending on location/quality/size - i know you want one bedroom, btu the size of the bedroom/other rooms will increase or decrease the price. etc

my advice, head down to cronulla. they have rental property lists updated daily. grab one and talk to the property manager about what you want. they can keep an eye out for your ideal unit :)

ps just noticed you preferred 2 bedroom. we recently jsut leased some nice 2 bed units with garage etc for about 260 p/w. which is a good price if youre flatting with someone. 130 a week at cronulla. i think they were in top condition and near the beach too. but yeh. look heaps and act quick is my advice. good apartments go fast. heaps of people are on the market and applications get in fast and are accepted quickly. try and see as many as you can early saturday morning so you can apply saturday afternoon - my opinion.
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