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Sample responses for these questions? (1 Viewer)


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Apr 14, 2016
2006. Question 18c) (4 marks)
Plant breeders have developed a new variety of terrestrial plant which has one
structure that appears to assist in water conservation in hot, dry environments.
Design a first-hand investigation the plant breeder could use to determine if this structure assists in water conservation.

2004. Question 29 (8 marks)

A space probe recently returned to Earth from a distant planet, with samples
containing bacteria X.
Biologists are interested in comparing the activity of an enzyme found in bacteria X
with that found in bacteria E from Earth. Both bacteria contain an enzyme that
produces a gas as a product of its activity on the same substrate.
State a hypothesis to be tested, and plan an investigation you could carry out to
compare the activity of the enzymes found in these TWO bacteria under ONE of these

Environmental conditions
where bacteria were collected
Bacteria X 50–80 degrees celsius 5.5–7.5 pH
Bacteria E 37–55 degrees celsius 6.5–8.5 pH

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