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SELLING HSC ADVANCED BUSINESS STUDIES NOTES / All-Rounder / State Ranker / 98+ ATAR (1 Viewer)

Samantha 1

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Jul 31, 2018
Hello everyone,

I'm Sam. I achieved an ATAR of 98.45. I was an ‘All-Round Achiever’ and I placed 14th in the state in Business Studies (out of 17 000 students) with a mark of 97.


Why my notes?

These notes are high quality. I wrote them from scratch, using the textbook and class handouts as a basis. I also incorporated additional information, statistics and examples into these notes that I researched online. These notes have been carefully edited to ensure they cover ALL syllabus dot points. They are comprehensive but succinct – arriving at approximately 16 pages per topic. The notes are colour coded and include tables and diagrams which make remembering the content much easier.

What is included in the 'business studies package'?

1. My full set of notes for all HSC topics:

Human Resources

2. All FOUR of my marked internal assessments:

Task 1 Assessment - Marketing Plan (20/20)
Task 2 Assessment - Half Yearly Exam (75/80)
Task 3 Assessment - Business Report (20/20)
Task 4 Assessment - Trial Exam (97/100) - Report (20/20) and Essay (20/20)

3. TWO interesting, original and relevant case studies that I used for short answers and essays (for example, LEGO). Not overused case studies like QANTAS.

4. Past HSC Papers (2010-2016) and guidelines compiled neatly in a folder, ready to be used.

Who are these notes suitable for?

As you start the new school year you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or unprepared - these notes will be helpful for you. Even if you are confident with the subject, you may be interested in purchasing these notes to see what it takes to achieve a state rank rather than a high band 6.

Some students use my notes to save them time writing their own (and instead use their time working on practice questions and papers), whilst other just use them as an extra resource to boost their own notes.

What is the price?

Study notes for all four HSC topics: $14


Study notes for all four HSC topics + assessments and case studies: $19

Keep in mind that I spent hours and hours perfecting these notes. State ranking tutoring often costs around $40-$50 for ONE lesson whereas a one-off payment of $14 or $19 is much more affordable.

How can I purchase them?

PM me or email me at samleehardman@gmail.com and I will send you the payment details.

If you have any questions feel free to message me as well.

Thank you.

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