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Sociology vs Psych/ Counselling vs Social Work (1 Viewer)


Mar 19, 2012
Uni Grad
This might a pointless thread and people might be asking "Why not just search it?". Well it's because google search has provided me with an overload of info and after reading similarly worded things I'm confused and I mean, what would I expect, they're pretty similar. So I don't know what course to do with the thought of employment opportunities in mind.

I'm not completely decided on this field tbh. I want to be a youth counsellor but it isn't my biggest dream or anything like that and I'm open for other courses that aren't related to health and whatnot but this would be the closest thing to what I'd like to do. I'd like to work as a school counsellor but apparently that requires a degree in teaching and 2 years of experience as a teacher. That'll take quite a lot of time and money before being employed, and that's if there are positions available and I am accepted.

From what I've gathered, uni seems really stressful though I shouldn't be so quick to judge. TAFE sounds like a better option for social work http://sydneytafe.edu.au/careers/community-services but I'm not sure as I have no experience with TAFE or uni. Would it be hard to get a government job as a social worker?

I really don't mind any career in this field so as long as I can find a stable career because that's essentially what I fear the most.

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