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Oct 23, 2002
Wollongong, NSW
just to clarify...what would a good example of an individual right be?...would a suspects right to silence in a criminal trial be a good example??????....:(

How about Q2. Tort law, i.e an implied contract to provide a concert, rather then a formal contract?????:confused:

Q5. Would the council really be motivated by political influences, they are a deligated legislative body and as such aren't chosen by majority rule....therefore would they be respond to a political infulence??

Q9. Property law...right?

Q13. Justice is more of a concept, so precedent would actually 'enforce' rights?

Q14. Natural Justice includes the right to be heard, Kim not proceeding would indicate difficulties with this concept, I put (d) but is access a 'concept'....

How many pages did everyone write?...I wrote 11 for crime, 15 for Shelter and 13 for family? I think my writing is a normal size.

- in the essays did you deal more specifically with some issues or cover in family defacto, same sex, de jure, child maintenance, new birth technolody, adoption, surrogacy, and primary dispute resolution...etc, etc, etc....

God I'm depressed, geez what a mess...last year only 70 people got in band 6...I think I can safely rule myself out of this...


Nov 5, 2002
ELEMENOPHEE i think you had a saw dick as well as a saw hand. There is now way you could have written that much (physically impossible).


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Nov 15, 2002
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Legal Studies

I believe the 2002 HSC Legal Studies exam was a very positive
reflection of the last two years of the legal studies course.
Students were asked to demonstrate sound knowledge that
they had learned over the last two years, and in my personal
opinion, the exam was very fair. There were many elements
and aspects that were not covered in the exam, however not
all aspects could have been asked. I came first in my school in
legal studies, and would just like to advise HSC students, that
hard work really pays off. As for the Board of Studies, you guys
are doing a great job, keep it up. This is why Australia, and
especially NSW has one of the best education basis for
teenagers of the moderen era, and I believe pestimistic
students should spend more time studying, then saying "The
Board of Studies has no idea". And on that note good luck to
all HSC students. Any questions on legals, I'm always here to
help. ^_^
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shadow man

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Nov 18, 2002
Must agree with magic dude about this.......the time that some people spend whingeing and whining about the Board of Studies, if they put that time into study, they could conquer the world!

Good post, magic dude!

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