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What are some useful majors in the arts degree? (1 Viewer)


Oct 29, 2013
Everyone has heard the phrase that an arts degree is useless, or for personal interest, or too generalist and broad. Basically it has a bad rep among people who often generalise about it and arts degree students often find themselves attempting to defend it.

Considering that no university degree is cheap and because I'm doing a combined law/ arts degree which is even more expensive I really don;t want to choose a major that won't be of at least some use and will help compliment an arts degree. I know a lot of people study the arts degree for personal interest and pleasure but I also want something that will be at least practical.

I've considered a major in a language like spanish or french, international relations, public policy government, communications and also majors in archaeology, sociology, human geography and history but I'm unsure of the job prospects of the last few majors mentioned.

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