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Would anyone be interested in an Essay Course? (1 Viewer)

Would you wanta bespoke essay course?

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Sep 21, 2018
Hi everyone,

I am making this post to gauge interest to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing a bespoke essay course made to cater towards HSC/ university students?

I personally used to go through BOS religiously back when I did the HSC in 2009 and wanted to go directly to the source (i.e. you guys) to see if there was any interest in the concept and whether I should invest my time in making such a course available for you. Perhaps resources have changed, but when I completed my formal education such resources were seldom seen and generally available through private tuition/tutoring. I personally found that teachers were not the best asset in teaching strong fundamentals in essay writing and if you were left behind, the gap would generally widen progressively between that pupil and the general cohort. The sad reality is essay writing is a key skill that requires mastering and it will be a distinguishing factor between the band 4's and 5's and even into the 6's. This is also true for university marking rubrics.

A little background about myself, I did advanced English (band 5) and Legal Studies (band 5), PDHPE (band 5), Polish (Band 6), History (band 5) during my HSC. I ended up getting into Bachelor of Laws/Arts (Int. Politics) at Notre Dame and Grad Dip at UTS and at the end of both degrees I had a Distinction average mark, winning first place in the prestigious Carrol and O'Dea Prize in Commercial Law. Throughout the last decade I would have written in excess of over 100 essays and steadily improved my craft where towards the end of my University degrees I had a Distinction - High Distinction average assessment mark for my essays in both Politics and Law.

I would love to hear your opinions and thanks in advance for your time and any input would be highly regarded. Please post any comments or suggestions and determining on your answers I will determine whether I will move forward with this project. Should there be enough traction I was thinking of having the course structured as an Ebook/PDF for around $100 - $200 AUD.

This is my first post so I apologise in advance if this was posted in the wrong thread/region of BOS. I will also try and create a poll as apparently that's an option too.



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