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My name is mr mcalpin . My email is pamandian@iinet.net.au I would be pleased to help u and give you some advice .

I do use Facebook messenger if that helps as well . Anyway feel free to get back to me and I will be pleased to do what I can to provide some information
Hello! I am a Master of teaching student in secondary education (Mathematics) at UNSW. Previously graduated with a Masters in Applied Mathematics (The University of Sydney).
I tutor casually at both The University of Sydney and EzyMath tutoring.
For private tutoring sessions (Maths): 40$/hr and special prices for groups.
Hi, have u made new syllabus versions of your chemistry and physics resources? If so, how much to buy? Thanks.
Current HSC 2019 student: Advanced English | 2U Standard Maths | Food Technology | Biology | Design Technology
2 Sciences?
I am torn between whether to do 2 sciences or not. I am interested in optometry so the two sciences I would be doing are Physics and Chem. However, I don't know if I can manage 2 sciences alongside with English Adv, MAths 3U. Should I do both Physics and Chem or just one?? Another thing is that my school doesn't do well in Chem or Physics as there were only one person who got band 6 in 2018. Please help!
Hey guys, I’m going to start my undergraduate degree at Macquarie University soon. I will be studying Bachelor of Actuarial Studies. Could anyone share some useful tips about the course and the uni in general?
1. You don't always need to buy the textbooks. 2. Join a club (ASSOC -> https://www.mqassoc.com/ ) 3. Pal classes which are extra studying classes are available for some subjects. 4. Go to consultation hours if needed. 5. Final exam papers are available on the library website.
I have an SOR 2 exam very very soon and need an essay on Christianity and another one on Judaism
please helpppppp asssapppppppppp
hello! would anyone be willing to make an estimation of my atar?
i come from a school that’s ranked in the 40s

my internal ranks are:
biology: 30/55
economics: 35/50
maths: 30/75
maths ext: 85/100
physics: 60/80
english: 80/120
Low 80s
would it be possible to just reach 90 if improvements are made by trials?
Yes it would
As an after-work hobby, I'm on a mission to support HSC Chemistry, Biology and Physics students in achieving their maximum potential.

Thank you BoredofStudies for offering your many years of support to high school students! <3
Hi, I'm interested in your legal essay evaluating the effectiveness of legal responses in relation to birth technology and surrogacy
Does anyone have any selective past papers that they can offer me??? Subjects I prefer include Maths, Science and English for year 10, 11 and 12. Greatly appreciate your contributions!
hello sir its me ur mom haha nice job on maths very good child sorry couldnt send u to anu ur brother steal money
Welcome to my page.

While I was completing Engineering Studies back in 2007 and 2008, I remember how difficult the subject was. My teacher could have been better. There was limited resources and past papers. Basically, no outside of school support.

I am one of the few people who had studied HSC Engineering, completed an Engineering degree, become a Mechanical Engineer and return back to the education area. I wished the younger me had a role model who has experienced this path and able to guide me.

My mission is to be an active STEM role model for Australia.
My vision and legacy is to prepare the next generation scientists and engineers.
My core values are compassion, creativity and enthusiasm.

If you would like some free quizzes, check out this link.


I hope our paths will meet before and after you become an engineer.

Here's my work profile.