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    Bored of Studies Community FAQ

    General Questions
    What is a FAQ?
    FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. The questions on the FAQ are collected by moderators from the Site News, Feedback and Support forum (Site News, Feedback and Support).

    What do I do if the forum doesn’t work? I get (some) error!
    If the forum is down for any period of time, you can alert a moderator or admin who will fix the problem as soon as possible.

    How do I submit resources to Bored of Studies?
    You can submit your notes at this site: Notes Submission System which is also available from on the main page.

    Your notes will be checked by a moderator before being uploaded. If you don’t see your resources there within a few days, send a PM to a moderator who will tell you when it is available (or why it was denied).

    What are the Exam Thoughts forums? Why are they locked? When will they open for my year?
    The Exam Thoughts forums are used to share thoughts about the actual HSC exams. They are locked after the close of each HSC and archived, and they can be searched by any member of the forum. They opened at the start of each HSC (late October).

    What is Invisible Mode?
    Invisible Mode means that your presence is not visible on the forums to normal users. Note that they can still see you when you post.

    You can turn Invisible Mode on/off by going to Settings → General Settings.

    What is the Contact Moderators forum for? Why is my thread in there closed?
    The Contact Moderators forum can be used to ask the moderator team any questions relating to issues such as thread closures, stickying threads, and deletion of posts. You can also let moderators know of any inappropriate posts by posting in the Contact Moderators forum. It can also be used to request subject changes if you are a premium member.

    When a moderator has dealt with your post within this forum they will close the thread. If you see your thread closed, this is because a moderator has taken care of it for you. If your thread has been closed and you have something more you wish to discuss with the moderators please feel free to create a new thread.

    Why can't I see/access Non School?
    Access to the Non School forum is limited to members who have been registered for a minimum amount of time (5 days). If you cannot currently post in Non School because you are a new member, please be patient and in time you will be able to access it.

    Infraction System
    What is the infraction system and how does it work?
    The infraction system is a tool that has been implemented to give users warnings/infractions if their posts are 1) against the rules, or 2) the user's behaviour is deemed inappropriate. The infraction system does not remove the rights or privileges of the moderators to warn or ban without assigning an infraction. If you receive a warning/infraction you may receive a private message from the staff member who initiated the infraction. Infractions may lead to bans.

    What sort of things might I receive an infraction/warning for?
    Some examples include:
    - Inappropriate messages/private messages/visitor comments/reputation comments including those that are abusive/flaming or containing inappropriate links or images (including images that are of a pornographic nature or display nudity).
    - Spamming, trolling, reposting deleted content, unauthorised advertising/promoting.

    These are just some examples of things that you may receive an infraction/warning for. Ultimately anything that is deemed to be inappropriate may result in an infraction/warning.

    What is the difference between a warning and an infraction?
    When you receive an infraction, your account is assigned a certain number of infraction points which reduce over time (based on the type of infraction you receive) whereas if you receive a warning, it's essentially just a written warning from a Moderator (as your account is not assigned any points). Warnings have a yellow symbol and infractions have a red symbol.

    What do the infraction points do?
    Infraction points lead to consequences such as automated bans. This means that if you receive a certain number of points the system will automatically ban you from the forums.

    What happens if I got an infraction and I think it wasn't my fault?
    You are responsible for your account and any post that is made from it. For example if you post a link to an image it is your responsibility to ensure it is not hotlink protected and does not link to something else that is inappropriate, such as pornography. "Someone hacked into my account and posted all this inappropriate stuff therefore you should remove my infraction" is not an acceptable excuse - it is your account and you are responsible for it and the content that is posted on it. You need to ensure that you keep your password safe and don't share it with others. If you wish to dispute your infraction, feel free to make a thread in ‘Contact Moderators’.

    Username changes, Account Deletions, Deleting of Posts/Threads & Requested Bans
    Is it possible to change my username without creating a new account?
    The moderator team do not normally honour requests for username changes, except in extraordinary circumstances. If you want a new username, we recommend that you create a new account.

    Can my account be deleted?
    Accounts cannot be deleted currently, sorry.

    Can all the posts in my account be deleted?
    The Bored of Studies team cannot do this for you, sorry. We also do not honour any requests for requested bans.
    If you wish, you can delete all of your posts yourself using the 'delete post function' (see below for instructions on how to delete a post).

    Why can't all my posts/my account be deleted?
    Because Mass deletion of posts causes several problems:
    1) Slows the server down.
    2) May delete other, legitimate threads, which are still active.
    3) It ruins the flow of threads
    4) It takes time that could be more usefully spent elsewhere

    How do I delete a post?
    You can delete your own post if you wish. This is done by clicking the "edit button" in the bottom, right hand corner of the post box. You can then choose the option to delete the post.

    How do I delete a thread?
    You can only delete a thread if you created it. If you would like to delete a thread you created go to the first post in the thread and click the "edit button" in the bottom right hand corner of the post box. You can then choose the option to delete the post, which will in turn delete the entire thread (deleting the first post in a thread deletes the entire thread).

    What is your policy on thread deletion
    We have noticed that some users have adopted a habit of deleting threads whenever they have received sizable responses from the community. In instances where quality contributions have been made, a moderator may choose to undelete a thread you have created if there is an inherent value in the information disclosed.

    Remember, the thread is not just for you to see. It is also for students in similar situations to receive advice. Often, students find value in posts that were made several years back.

    If you wish to dispute a decision made in regards to one of your threads, please feel free to make a thread in the Contact Moderators forum.

    I created a second account and I would like to make this my primary account. How can I transfer PMs/custom status/posts to this account?
    You currently can't transfer posts etc between accounts, sorry.

    Can I be banned from only part of the site?
    No you cannot sorry. A ban is from the entire site (both the forums and the main page, including the resources).

    Post Counts and Custom User Titles
    My post count isn’t changing! Why not?
    Chances are you’re posting on Non-School, Love & Relationships or Schoolies forum, where your posts are not added to your post count.

    What is the text under the user's name eg. 'Assistant Member', and how can I change it?
    This is called Custom User Title.

    There are several ways to be awarded custom user titles:
    • Your post count is greater than 2000
    • You have been a member of Bored of Studies for a long time

    If you do not meet this criteria, you are given a generic title. The Generic title you may be awarded depends on your post count:
    • New member 0-24
    • Cadet 25-99
    • Junior Member 100-249
    • Member 250-499
    • Senior Member 500-999
    • Executive Member 1000-1999
    • Exalted Member 2000-2499
    • Supreme Member 2500-2999
    • Magniloquent Member 3000-3499
    • Loquacious One 3500-3999
    • Ancient Orator 4000-5999
    • Rambling Spirit 6000-7999
    • King of Threads 8000-

    How do I change my Custom title?
    Once you have been awarded Custom title, it can be changed from the user control panel (User CP -> Edit Profile) or click this link while logged in: Bored of Studies.

    Avatars, Profile Pics, and Signatures
    What is an avatar?
    An avatar is your visual presence on the forums. It's a small image which is located underneath your username on each post you make.

    How do I change my avatar?
    From the user control panel: Bored of Studies

    It says my avatar is too large! What do I do?
    The maximum size of any avatar is 100x100 pixels or 100KB (whichever is smaller). You can crop your image or shrink it using drawing programs such as Paint or Microsoft Photo Editor (which come with most Windows computers).

    See also:
    changing avatar size - Bored of Studies

    What is a signature and how do I change it?
    Signatures are posted after each message you post. It can contain various things such as lyrics, quotes, references to your favourite people, or links to external websites.

    You can change your signature here: Bored of Studies

    How big can my signature be?
    They cannot be overly large. An idea of an appropriate size for a signature is no larger than 10 lines long at the default font size. You may use an image/gif in your signature but this is NOT in addition to the 10 line limit for any text.

    Signatures can be changed at the discretion of the moderators if they feel they are too large or inappropriate. If you have a question regarding your signature being changed/removed, post in the Contact Moderators Forum.

    Why was my signature removed or changed?
    Signatures are not allowed to contain offensive material or links to offensive external websites. They cannot be overly large. They can be changed at the discretion of the moderators. If you have a question/problem with your signature being changed, post in the Contact Moderators Forum.

    Premium Membership

    Where can I find more information about premium membership?
    See here.

    Who do I direct questions regarding premium membership to?
    If you have any questions please email premium (at)

    Reputation and Likes
    What is Reputation?
    The User Reputation system allows members to leave comments about one anothers' posts, and thereby contribute to their overall 'reputation'. Users gain reputation based on how their posts are scored by other forum participants. Users with the ability to affect reputation, can give points by approving a post's content. The Likes system is not included in the User Reputation system.

    How do I 'rep' someone?
    To contribute to another members' reputation you click the reputation button (). It is found in the bottom, left hand corner of a members post, below their profile details. You can then choose to approve the members post and leave a comment. The right to negatively rep users lies with the moderation team. A user may be negatively repped as an added penalty for an infraction or due to evidence suggesting they abused the rep system.

    How can I see the reputation I have received?
    Go to User CP. It shows "Latest Reputation Received".

    What do I do if I receive a reputation comment that breaks forum rules?
    You can report this to the Moderators through the Contact Moderators Forum.

    What is the Likes feature?
    Similar to Facebook, we have introduced a more visible alternative system to allow users to provide positive feedback for posts they have found helpful. The Likes feature complements the Rep system as a better way to promote quality posts.

    The Rep system remains as a quantitative measure of a user’s overall contributions on the forums.

    If you wish to receive a message in your notification tab when one of your posts is ‘liked’, this can be enabled your user settings.

    Forum Specific Codes
    What are the Bored of Studies forum-specific codes? How and when should I use them?
    There are a few tags which the administrators have included in addition to the usual font changes (bold, italic, underline etc). These are the SPOILER tag and the ANCHOR tag.

    You should use the spoiler tag when you are posting a spoiler in Entertainment, or the answer for a sample question in one of the subject forums. You can also use the spoiler tag in your signature.

    You should use the anchor tag when you are posting a guide for a forum (such as the FAQ!) or when you are posting a sample answer which requires movement between parts.

    How do I use the Spoiler and Anchor tags?
    Use the tag [ spoiler]Spoiler text.[ /spoiler]
    Use the tag of [ anchor="xxx"]Text.[ /anchor]

    And to link to that [ link="#xxx"]Text.[ /link]
    (Don't forget to remove the spaces in the tags)

    Bored of Studies Events
    What events do Bored of Studies hold? How can I get involved?
    Bored of Studies has held events such as:

    • BOS Study Meets. These generally occur every school holidays. Students get together to study in a supervised environment whilst HSC Graduates, each with their own subject of expertise, walk around the area. If a student needs help for any subject, they may raise their hand and the appropriate HSC Graduate will be able to assist them immediately.
    • BOS Seminars. These also generally occur every school holidays. They are a set of seminars run by a subject expert.

    You can get involved by coming along! There’ll be many more events in the future.

    Moderators, Super-Moderators and Admin
    Who are the moderators and what do they do?
    The moderators are noted on the side of each forum title. They keep forums tidy, remove spam, sticky important threads, move irrelevant threads and assist members with answers. They also have the ability to ban members. They can be PMed about problem threads or members. If you wisht to contact the moderators please post in the Contact Moderators Forum.

    Who are the super moderators and what do they do?
    Our super moderator is Carrotsticks. Super moderators have all the functions of the moderators and can move/delete/edit threads on any forum.

    Who are the administrators and what do they do?
    The Administrators are AbsoluteZero and OzKo. Rafy is one of the Administrators along with being our Operations Manager. Responsible for the technical side is our Webmaster brent012. Our Marketing Manager is Deenu. Together they keep the whole Bored of Studies site running.

    How do I become a moderator?
    To apply to be a moderator you need to complete a Moderator Application Form. The form is available here. Applications for the moderator position should be posted in the Contact Moderators forum. This thread also contains information on the position details, application process and selection criteria.
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