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    Diagnostic Radiography Schools Selection Criteria (2021 Updated)

    The table below lists all UNDERGRADUATE accredited courses that'll allow you to practice as a Diagnostic Radiographer. (NOTE: Radiographers are NOT Radiologists). University Degree Offered Course Length ATAR/Lowest Selection Rank (LSR) Prerequisites (PR)/Assumed Knowledge (AK) Notes...
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    USYD Radiography UGY1 (WIP Updating throughout the year)

    Hello! I would recommend you look into other universities for an equivalent qualification before considering transferring during university. See the link to another thread below.
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    Best maths tutoring poll

    Not disclosing where I went.
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    Best maths tutoring poll

    I did go tutoring. It is all on the individual's intentions and what they want to get out of tutoring. You'll want to go to a place that'll fit your own individual learning needs and NOT because you want to just go because everyone else goes there.
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    Best maths tutoring poll

    All of them are good in their own ways. It all depends on the individual and NOT where they decide to go.
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    HSC ATAR - Will I still be able to achieve an 85+ ATAR

    Definitely don't be discouraged!!! Hope the following helps Tips and Advice: - Use these percentages as motivation to achieve your desired results! :) - Do the best you can. Put in the effort. Study efficiently. - (Stemming off Study Efficiency) - Take Breaks! If you don't take regular breaks...
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    Best tutoring centre for Physics?

    Saying a certain tutoring place is the "best" is awfully subjective with a number of different factors. Some people might find one place better than the other while another person will say the complete opposite. Ultimately, it is up to you to find a place that you feel comfortable learning in.
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    USYD Radiography UGY1 (WIP Updating throughout the year)

    Do everything ASAP. Don't tell yourself that you'll do it later.
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    USYD Radiography UGY1 (WIP Updating throughout the year)

    Semester 1 Units of Study BIOS1155 - Structure, Function and Disease A Understanding the normal structure of the human body and how the different body systems interact with each other is fundamental to our understanding of health and disease. This unit of study is designed to give you an...
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    [From medstudentsonline (MSO). Creds: Mana (MSO Admin)]
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    I really need a 99 atar

    Interesting... Are you sure you want to go overseas abandoning all you friends here in Australia? Bear in mind your qualifications may not translate back over. Your university fees will also be massive as well.
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    I really need a 99 atar

    Course as in university course/degree. NOT subjects.
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    Recovering from a very bad result.

    A "not so great result" should be your motivation to get back into getting those 17s and 18s that you know you can achieve! :)
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    How hard will it be to get 85 atar with these subjects?

    Of course, it is achievable. You'll reek the benefits as long as you put your head down and get to it. (Maybe even exceed expectations :o)
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    self care

    You should consider doing sport during year 12. It is a massive stress reliever. :)