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Latest reviews

Really good and helps to determine what a band 6 response would look like
Where are the answers?
Thomas Aquilina
Thomas Aquilina
Just posted them
Great but we need answers
vv good but was wondering if u perhaps had the answers as well?
sorry not yet will upload once i get them
It's an easy to understand summary with some examples to help. HELPS FOR YOUR EXAMS BUDDIES
Basically it's is a summary easy to understand, should recommend others to download ^~^
Exactly what I needed thank you :)
:) This is great, it's easy to read and comprehensive without having too much written down. This will help me write my own study notes in the future.
haha yayyyy, i'm glad it helps!
Very thorough, and what a lifesaver! My prelim chemistry exam is next Monday and considering my teacher glossed over everything this year- I definitely needed this!! Thank you so much
These are actually really good. I wish I saw this before my exam.
Thanks for this, would there be solutions by any chance?
you're a lifesaver these are amazing! So informative and laid out. Thankyou!
Excellent notes - thank you! Looking forward to the HSC Ext notes coming out too!
Hahahaha you're welcome!! Im suffering from a dip in motivation rn but i'll try push through ^^
very detailed and colourful
Could be more extensive, but it is certainly useful.