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The Founders

A little insight into the wierd and wonderful lives of the Bored of Studies creators

  Name: Mark Czajkowski  
Position: Head Programmer  
Forum Nickname: tactic

Mark is responsible for the coding behind each of the pages at Bored of Studies. He has had an avid interest in both programming and webpage design for several years, and skilfully taught himself PHP coding in but a few days. He has a B. Sc Information Technology/Dip IT Professional Practice from UTS.

  Name: Tim Cheng  
Position: Head Designer  
Forum Nickname: timbk2  

It was his creativity that birthed the suave layout. Tim painstakingly crafted each of the numerous graphics displayed on the Bored of Studies website. As well as the layouts, designs and various coding, he also partially co-ordinates the activities within the website. Tim is a (retired) freelance webdesigner. He is a former Sefton High (2001) student and has graduated with a B. Sc Information Technology/Dip IT Prof Prac from UTS.

  Name: Ian Keong Web: www.fatmuscle.cjb.net
Position: Head Promoter  
Forum Nickname: fatmuscle  

Ian is the veteran of the team. After the huge success of his HSC website in 2001 - www.fatmuscle.cjb.net - Ian signed on yet again, merging the contents and user database of his previous site with the new one. Ian has a B. Sc Information Technology/Dip IT Professional Practice from UTS.

  Name: James King  
Forum Nickname: Lazarus

The original innovator of the website, James created the Student Assessment Modeller™, a revolutionary service which provides visual profiles of HSC scaling statistics and calculates students' UAIs.