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    i said it before u :D
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    quality> quantity m8
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    Ext History

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    Prelims hard?

    I found that prelims and hsc trials were hard and tbh, I never did well (marks ranging from 60- low 80's) and perhaps are not a great indication of your hsc marks/atar
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    Possible to get 90+ atar with these marks?

    definitely possible ! keep it up and id say 95 atar is possible too
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    Handwriting speed

    around 1000? in 40 min? i rmbr squinting my eyes when writing helped me to write faster LMAO
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    ATAR estimate <3

    at least 96 !
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    Band 4 Standard English

    no she went to my school and was in my group school ranked #150 - # 200
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    Band 4 Standard English

    I think band 4 is rather too easy for standard eng. I had a friend who sucked shit in english in general (LOL) but managed to pull a band 4 so..? anything is possible if u put ur mind to it
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    how hard is legal studies for the hsc

    kinda regret not doing legal studies. I think its a good subject for those who excel at writing essays and can memorise easily
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    can i get >90?

    yep^^ think its def achievable!!
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    What happens if you get a 0 in paper 1 for Year 12 Hscs

    still super confusing since u started off ur comment as "well since your in year 11" lmao
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    What's a good % to aim for in practice papers and trials?

    Honestly, just learning from your mistakes. Every essay I wrote, I went back and fixed it and made sure to GET FEEDBACK. Just making sure I remember NOT to do the same mistake again in the hsc is what got me thru.. Plus hsc markers are so generous. Like I got 63% for bio (band3)... which...