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Recent content by ajay12

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    Shops like General Pants

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    Shops like General Pants

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    Shops like General Pants

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    Shops like General Pants

    Soup, What are some shops like General Pants with that non-kind of mainstream clothes to it, if you know what I mean.
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    Main Round and Second Round

    Do you get prompted to do that or do you have to do it manually?
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    Main Round and Second Round

    If I accept the first round offer, get offered a better second round offer, does this get changed on my HECS application?
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    eCaf - HECS

    Hi, I got accepted my first Uni offer but it wasn't the offer I wanted. I want to wait for my second round offers which might be the courses that I actually want to do. Do I submit an application now for HECS on my first offer or do I wait for second round offer which might be more preferable...
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    Second Offer

    Don't you have to wait a year or get a 2.0 GPA to do that? I'd rather start the course I want, rather than transfer...
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    Second Offer

    So fags, I applied for Bachelor of Commerece w/ B. of Arts but didn't get into it and tonight, I was offered Bachelor of Arts at Macq. One thing I wanted to know is: If you don't accept or decline the first round offer and wait til the second round offer, but that isn't what you preferrably...
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    What annoys you about the opposite sex?

    That they have pussy power which means they can fuck who they want, providing they are mediorcly attractive.
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    Why do people drink, smoke do drugs?

    In this day and age, going outside can risk your own health. This. Lol. If you over-drink you just throw up. Unless you are fucking drunk or high, do NOT mix politics or religion with drugs. You are born and then you die. You only live once so why not try things. If you enjoy drinking...
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    Who else thinks girls are crap?

    This thread is irrelevant to my interests.
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    Forbidden love

    Well, I have news for you. Einstein married his cousin and since Einstein was the smartest person who ever lived, then you can also be the smartest person in Australia. If you marry your cousin, you're not setting a bad example for society, you're setting a good example for Tasmanian's who can...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    I bold the fail. In regards to Business Studies and the validity of your posts, your posts aren't valid at all. You never back up your answers with contextual arguments at all. In the Business Studies thread, you said "I don't care what you guys think, I believe A is right." That post...