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    Transfer Question

    Depends on how many spots they have and what the WAM's of all the people applying are. There is no way of knowing for sure. Also note that if you've completed less than 48 credit points in your previous degree, only your ATAR will be considered.
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    More than 36 Senior Credits in a Major

    Once you've completed 36 credit points towards your major, any further Korean subjects you wish to do will have to be selected through the electives selection box.
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    WRIT subjects are generally quite easy, if a little dry. In any case, your degree only allows for 12 credit points of electives, so you'll have to do at least some biomedical subjects next semester.
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    math2065 or math2068??

    Hardness is a very subjective concept. I wouldn't let that be a factor in your decision. I'd do MATH2065 as differential equations are really the bedrock on which many areas of mathematics and science are built upon. MATH2068 is quite interesting, but it doesn't have the same scope as 2065 does.
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    Changes to maths units in 2018

    Hmmm, first I've heard of this. Makes sense to move MATH2962 to second semester, in terms of introductions to advanced pure mathematics it was certainly a bit of a baptism of fire for me. Perhaps they're looking at replacing it with another pure mathematics subject that introduces everyone in a...
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017 It appears you don't need INFO1105/1905 to complete an Information Systems major. Most INFO/ISYS units should be available to you, but your COMP choices would be limited.
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    There aren't any fees for the ceremony itself, although you will have to hire academic dress. The frame is an optional extra that you can buy from the Sydney Store.
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    Doing pretty well. I'm loving all of the subjects I'm doing this semester. And I've got my graduation ceremony on Thursday.
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    Sorry, I misinterpreted your question. It's about half half. For subjects that have tonnes of questions for each tutorial (MATH2961 for example), they'll be more likely to use the approach you mentioned. It also depends on the individual tutor's preferences as well. Personally I found maths...
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    Yeah advanced linear algebra is a big step up from vector calculus. Just be thankful you don't have Ruibin Zhang and Bob Howlett as your lecturers. :haha: Sometimes you may get a tutor that makes things a little more interesting and group oriented (Florica Cirstea comes to mind), but...
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    Do I need Extension 1 Maths?

    Perhaps, but we can't make assumptions about the OP's personal circumstances. I still maintain that self-study is a viable option.
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    Do I need Extension 1 Maths?

    Of course. I think the OP's problem was more to do with time management rather than ability though. Certainly learning Extension Maths at school will mean you don't have to worry about it later down the track, but if the study commitment ends up impacting negatively on his performance overall...
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    Do I need Extension 1 Maths?

    It's really not that difficult. There are plenty of books and MOOC's out there to guide you. And you have over three months between the end of school and the start of uni to teach yourself the material. More than enough time.
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    Do I need Extension 1 Maths?

    Do whatever you want. Any assumed knowledge from high school courses can be easily self-taught before you begin university.
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    Yeah probably should have been more clear. Fixed it. My proficiency with BB Code is quite lacking unfortunately. :haha: