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Recent content by Andy005

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    2011 HSC Past Paper Question

    How do I do part ii? Thanks.
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    2016 HSC Past Paper Question

    Q(IV) I don't exactly understand the solution to this question. Thanks.
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    Mechanics Help

    A particle is projected with speed V and angle of elevation alpha from point O on the edge of a cliff of height h. When the particle hits the ground its path makes an angle arctan(2tan(alpha)) with the horizontal. Why is tan(beta)=vertical velocity/horizontal velocity? Thanks.
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    Binomial Theorem

    Thanks for the help
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    Binomial Theorem

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NRMNrcOf0uy0tUMH4cTgUEj_eegL2jMv Can you please provide working out. Thanks
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    Conics Help

    I already calculated the coordinates of Q from tan(theta/2)tan(phi/2) = 1-e/1+e, but i don't know how to calculate the coordinates of Q from tan(theta/2)tan(phi/2) = 1+e/1-e.
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    Conics Help

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tckKJxDql38T785s5GPrq-dPQLgbDpCy How would I do question 9b? In particular, how would I calculate secPhi?
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    Does yr 11 actually matter

    The results you obtain in year 11 doesn't matter, but the content you learn in year 11 carries over to year 12. i.e The maths you learn in prelim is crucial in understanding the content in year 12 and the same is for the science courses etc.
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    2001 HSC MC Help

    Thanks mate
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    2001 HSC MC Help

    Why is the answer A? Thanks for your assistance.
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    Need help with graphs

    Sketch the graph y=(x+1)^4/x^4+1. Use this graph to find the set of values of the real number k for which the equation (x+1)^4=k(x^4+1) has two real distinct roots. I sketched the graph, but I don't understand what I should do after. Thanks for your assistance.
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    Graphs help

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    Graphs help

    How would I find the asymptotes for the graph x^2-4y^2=4? Thanks.
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    For the graph x^3+y^3=1, why is there an asymptote at y=-x? Thanks.
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    Complex Numbers Help

    Thanks for the help.