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  • i couldn't imagine to grown men with bachelor's degrees doing that.
    "hey; do you have the banging thing"
    "you mean hammer"
    i looked it up and both of us will inevitably learn C, C++, Matlab and some Java in the course of our degree :/

    the jargon comes naturally and with xp (i've heard). before i was like "hand me the twist thing" but now i know it's called a spanner lel
    Lol I couldn't even read it. But it says "looks like we found a square root"

    What happened to bed time?

    Enjoy the mid session break
    Compiler doednt accept that. Try:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main (int argc, char * argv []) {

    ...printf("Hello world\n");

    ...return 0;
    I've made up my mind that he is not a nice person. Well we'll see in a year from now.

    Yeah I don't know how to get rid of it. I've always assumed the worst in people and have zero faith in humanity.

    Derailing again lol
    nws, if I find this magical link, no-one will hear the end of it. But elec111X, overall, doesn't seem to bad. Btw I remember being on that website and now I am really bias. For some reason I don't like A/Prof Jayathania Kupata? (Not sure bow to spell his name - he's the guy that takes care of all the Mechatronics stuff) even though I have never met him lol.
    Is there a way to view course stats? I remember during O-Week, some people were like look on "website X" before taking a course and this magical website had stats like pass rates from each lecturer and feedback/advice on the course from previous students
    I thought you said they were the "same" course? lel. Thank god I don't have to do it till next year, sufficient time to prepare my anus
    Thanks for your post. When I was researching on the internet to try and answer the question myself I did come across the Kirchoff's Voltage Law. I figured that it was going to be covered in Yr11 as that seemed to be where the work was heading, so yeah I agree with you. But I do understand it now, it was that I didn't have a proper understand of what voltage of a power supply actually meant. But I do now :p
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