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    Ngo and sons hurstville?

    Dr Truong obviously, but he doesnt teach in hurstville unlucky. they all teach the same though lol i have a feeling they have a script or something
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    How to study

    Download an app that would aid with minimising procrastination and work very very hard for the remaining two weeks. I am a very pro-study timetable person, so maybe try one out if you haven't already! All in all, stay organised and don't lose momentum. You've got this :p
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    Uni Textbooks

    Hi! Does anyone here know where i can *pirate* uni textbooks (in particular the LAWS1052 one) or if any 2nd years+ are selling theirs? Thanks :)
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    Which Universities are most lenient When it comes to Law Early Entry

    WSU and UOW are definitely the easiest (pretty much guaranteed entry if you go to selective school). MACQ is also pretty lenient.
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    Ngo and sons hurstville?

    My friends went! I went for a few catch up lessons too. Theyre pretty much equivalent to the other campuses since the tutors and resources are the same!
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    !! $2 PER PARAGRAPH !! Cheap B6 Marking for English (97) & Legal Studies (93)

    WHATS AN ORANGE! Edit: searched it thats funny
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    !! $2 PER PARAGRAPH !! Cheap B6 Marking for English (97) & Legal Studies (93)

    Hi guys, My name is Lily and I graduated in 2020 and will be studying Law and Commerce in UNSW from 2021. So in response to my cut down on the number of students I can take on for English tutoring (see my previous post), I am beginning a brand new extremely cheap marking service for English...
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    making friends at a new school

    Forreal how do you make new friends in uni though
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    Thoughts on Ace tuition for chem

    All my friends that did chem went there and got band6 so :o
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    !! $2 PER PARAGRAPH !! Cheap B6 Marking for English (97) & Legal Studies (93)

    Bump :) Note: All Mathematics Ext1 and Ext2 spots have been filled. Still 1 left for Mathematics Advanced/Standard Wasn't going to cap English spots, but too many people now. Max 2 spots left ALL remaining spots MUST be online due to my schedule as well as the current COVID situation Thanks guys
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    UNSW 2021

    Change one of the 3s to a 2. only need 48credits per year for fulltime double