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    what do u think?

    I wouldn't bet on it.
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    Belonging: Related Text Suggestions

    I did Signs by Patrick Hughes (can find it here: It's a really nice short film. :> Oh and "The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock" by T.S.Eliot is also good.
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    What sort of pen do you use?

    Faber Castell Grip X7. Black 0.7mm. (have no idea what that means but that's what it says on the pen lol)
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    No, but that would be nice.
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    Favourite and most hated maths topics

    3U: Most loved is trig Most hated is perms and combs 4U: Most loved is integration Most hated is conics
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    after hsc goals?

    Go outside :3
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    I'm pretty sure it's poly-3-hydroxybutrate. I've never seen poly-3-hydroxybutanoate before.
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    Exam mechanics question

    I think it's right because that's exactly what I did. >_>
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    Silly mistakes

    You'll lose one mark and if you don't make any more silly mistakes in that question then you'll only have lost one mark. But if part (ii) of that question or whatever requires you to use the answer that you found in part (i) (which you got incorrect due to that silly), part (ii) will be marked...
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    how much do you think you got?

    I'm thinking (and hoping really hard) that I got 100/120, although there were probably a few silly mistakes that I didn't see. But whatever, I just want to get a mid-high or something E4.
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    Terry Solutions MX2

    100/120 :d
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    ATAR Estimate please.

    I'm thinking more 98 or 99. But definitely 99 if you do a bit better.
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    all nighters

    It's a bad idea. Especially if you are going to do it the night before an exam, just go to sleep. Study before the test (like several days before). All nighters are pretty good in terms of getting work done but I do all nighters on weekends. Although it depends on how much sleep is good enough...
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    who is your mummy, and what does she do?

    My mummy is a GP but used to be a doctor specializing in gynochology (women's health) and she is asleep
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    Who is ready for yr 11?

    I look forward to: no more History, Geography, and PE (even though it is fun at times). I can't wait, but I really can't wait until the SC is over and the unofficial holidays start :P I look forward to Society & Culture, and Music 1 :D Because they're basically different from the norm and...