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Recent content by chxx1234

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    99.75 | 1st Year Medical Student | English Advanced, Maths Advanced, Ext 1 and Ext 2, Chemistry, UCAT and Medical/Dental Interview Online Tutoring

    Bump! Minh has been my maths tutor for a while now and he’s honestly one of the most dedicated tutors I’ve seen. He always comes very prepared and the homework and quizzes he provides are very helpful to consolidate and expand your knowledge, plus his rate is way more affordable than most tutors...
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    Where can I find Cambridge worked solutions?

    This is very helpful, thanks!
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    Where can I find Cambridge worked solutions?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find Cambridge worked solutions for maths extension 1 (both yr11 and 12)? Thanks!
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    Fresh grad or experienced tutor?

    Hi guys, do you think that fresh grad (with state ranks/very high hsc mark) would be a better tutor than experienced tutors for English as they are more familiar to the new syllabus? And maybe they are closer to your age so they understand you more? I know different people have different...