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    Band 6 Cut-Off

    Any ideas on Band 4 cutoff?
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    Laptop in HSC exam???

    Sorry for not replying, didn't realise people had responded until too late. Just an update for anyone in a similar situation, I did end up getting the laptop, without even having to appeal. I had quite a bit of supporting evidence: - letter from a hand therapist i'd seen for 5+ years...
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    CSSA Chemistry :'(

    I thought it was pretty bad, some weirdly weighted questions, including one with a deliberately misleading diagram. Everyone else I talked thought it was super easy tho, even the kids who usually barely pass, so I guess I'm just dumb :uhoh:
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    '11 Trial Cheltenham Girls - difficult question?

    I have spent almost an hour on this question and haven't come close to the right answer (B). I'm using v = 2(pi)r/6.52, and then f = m(v)^2/r. My answers are all less than 1N. What am I doing wrong?
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    Sex-linkage questions

    Okay, that makes me feel much better.
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    Sex-linkage questions

    Looking at this question from a 2008 Ruse Half-yearly I get why the answer is C, but only through process of elimination. If one of the possible answers was regular dominant, I wouldn't know the answer. Is it even possible to definitively say that the condition is sex-linked dominant instead of...
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    Dropping to general maths part way through Year 12?

    Asking for a friend who has already dropped: how do rankings work? They already did 1 assessment in 2u, will it scale up when they're ranked in general maths? Or is their 50% in 2u treated the same as a 50% in general?
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    Laptop in HSC exam???

    A couple of months out and I'm starting to seriously freak out about the HSC because everyone seems to think HSC exam provisions (specifically a laptop) are impossible to get. I've got something wrong with my right forearm, to the point anything involving moving it for more than a few...
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    Rules when choosing related texts?

    I've been finding a lot of mixed information online as to what related texts you can't choose, and I think my teacher might be wrong? Are you allowed to do prescribed texts that you didn't choose as your related? What if it's a prescribed text for standard (when you're in advanced)...