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  • It depends on how it's cooked. My personal favourite would be the beef you find in pho. But I would eat it with the pho, of course.

    How about you?
    I'm in the Southern Highlands at the moment. Semi-urban semi-rural area about 1.5hrw south of central city. Moving to Wollongong hopefully in the next week. Still house hunting; a slow painful process.

    I'm interesting in directing as well. Though I don't know if I'd have film as my medium. Still working things out at the moment. I'm doing Creative Arts and Commerce at the moment, so that's a decent start into the industry. Filmmaking in Aus is tough. It's possible, but it takes a lot of perseverance
    crestwood? that rings a bell... is it the that school in baulkham hills with all the fights going on?

    lol my jersey's from cabramatta >.>
    Yeah, it's harder to find good places that stock cheap movies. I find myself going to Big W a lot, though they dont stock more unknown titles. And I currently don't live anywhere near a JBHifi.

    Anway, torrents are definitely the way to go. Just send me a message if you get stuck, and I'll try and help you through the process.
    You could try somethign like Mageupload or Rapidshare, but they're only good if you have a really fast connection. Torrents aren't to difficult to learn. And they're one of the best ways to transfer large files. Basically:
    Download the file from the link I sent you. It should be really small, 100kb or so.
    Download the program utorrent from here: Download - Torrent - a (very) tiny BitTorrent client
    Install the program, and open it.
    Go to File > Open, and then open the first file you downloaded from the link I sent you.
    It should begin to download. As long as you keep utorrent open, the movie will download.

    The best thing is, if you need to close it, or shut down your computer, it will resume from the point the download stopped when you reopen utorrent.

    Give it a go. :)
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