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Recent content by d-alarmclock

  1. d-alarmclock


    Hey just wondering where I can find uni notes on here, because all I can see are hsc notes :/
  2. d-alarmclock

    Mod C prediction (of mine)

    I'll push my table over if they do specify
  3. d-alarmclock

    Specify poems?

    I was just wondering whether examiners can specify which poems to write about for Module C, regarding Ted Hughes Birthday Letters? (If they do, I'm basically screwed)
  4. d-alarmclock


    Just wanted to say how good it feels to be done. However, I still do get nightmares about not finishing.
  5. d-alarmclock

    Chemistry notes

    this late?
  6. d-alarmclock


    All you BOSers, it's almost that time of the year. Almost time for us to graduate. You know what that means, no BOS for a while just until end of HSC. Anyone planning their goodbyes?
  7. d-alarmclock

    Best songs of 2014 (so far)?

    But I'm a die-hard Coldplay and Lorde fan
  8. d-alarmclock

    My Inspiration

    Nerd, SHE'S 13!!!
  9. d-alarmclock

    Best songs of 2014 (so far)?

    I listen to triple j and random indie artists. These are the only mainstream songs I know lol
  10. d-alarmclock

    The Idiot's Guide to cooking (things you can make in five minutes or less)

    So you had mainly a protein diet? That's how you lost the weight I'm guessing. My brother, a very strict meat-eater, no veggies. Full carb and protein diet, with occasional helping of salad once every four months. He lost so much weight (I think around 10kg in very very little time)
  11. d-alarmclock

    My Inspiration

    Wow, she's amazing. How old is she??
  12. d-alarmclock

    The Idiot's Guide to cooking (things you can make in five minutes or less)

    Okay, these are some of the recipes I have accumulated over the years (being a super lazy teenager). Cheese Toastie Ingredients: Bread, cheese (fancy option: mustard) Method: - Place cheese on bread - Microwave until cheese has melted OR use a sandwich press OR sandwich grill. Done. Egg...