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Recent content by D-BOSS

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    Selective for year 10

    You already did year 10? Then how are you going to try out? And if you're peers have better applications, it's going to be extremely hard getting in.
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    ATAR Estimate

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    ATAR Estimate

    So far looks like a mystery mark ... yikes! What're your marks?
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    Baulkham Hills Application Guide

    Hi, I'm gonna try out next year but I'm worried that since i get B's across all my subjects but next year, say if I get all A's is that fine? Also, I've played grade oztag and cricket outside school and I'm going to start soccer and/or basketball next year. Do I have a chance? Also is ICAS...
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    what are my chances?

    Hello, can you please tell me what you got for your year 9 yearly and year 10 half-yearly reports and what extracurricular activities/competitions did you do? Thanks.
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    HAST Exams

    Hi! Can i please have your contact details? im interested in joining your class next year
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    Euler's Theorem

    wtf they use euler's method in 4u. DAMN
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    ATAR Estimate Post HSC

    He's gonna say 70-80 I bet.
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    atar estimate plz