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    Can i still get 80% atar HELP?

    Very hard. Your trials count towards your HSC, and keep going like this, you're HSC marks are not going to be any better, unless you start studying hard now.
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    Selective for year 10

    Definitely 10 or more.
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    Tutoring Scholarship Exams

    By my experience (in most tutoring centres), in maths they'll just ask advanced level questions in your level and some questions from the year above you. For english, it will either be a comprehension (i.e. only short answer, long answer), or writing an essay or narrative in a given time.
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    Selective for year 10

    They make a new class so what: 20? 30? Around there...
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    Nah, they just got it, nothing else.
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    Subjects for Year 12

    Drop Geo. You want to do medicine. Pick up Chemistry or Physics.
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    HSC ATAR Yr 11 Subject Selection

    Why do language if you want to do medicine? Anyway I would pick Bio over history...
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    Are these subjects ok???

    Good subjects for what you are striving for. But is both ancient and modern necessary? Why not pick one?
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    Urgent: good adv english private tutors (new syllabus) !!

    Can I have the SET Tutor contact details (preferably a website :) )
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    Advice would be great - Year 11 Subject Selection

    Nah, if you're not interest in Business Studies, don't drop Economics. They go well together but that shouldn't be a reason as to why you dropped it.
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    Advice would be great - Year 11 Subject Selection

    Drop Modern History and replace it with business studies. If you're good at science, try to have physics or chemistry or biology there.
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    [HELP NEEDED] Year 11 Subject Selection

    Why 12 units? Most people do 6 subjects/10 units. I recommend dropping studies of religion and add physics and chem or even biology. Economics is basically redundant (legal studies for that matter) if you choose Business Studies over it, but if you want to, add it. Don't do history.
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    Giriraween or Hurlstone high school for year 10 entry?

    Hurlstone. Better school (debatable, on HSC Rankings and School Rankings it's on same level as Girraween), easier to get in.