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Recent content by DheerChoudhury

  1. DheerChoudhury

    How hard is a 92 atar

    Bro I've never been confident in my abilities, and being the only non-selective kid in a brown community of selective kids (family, friends of family) really made me question all throughout high school if I could even achieve my ATAR goal of 80. Sure it took work, but if I can do it from a...
  2. DheerChoudhury

    YR 11 Chemistry & Physics 2022

    I strongly recommend YouTube as a way of consolidating your knowledge. There are plenty of channels out there that basically lay out the syllabus for you in pretty much most subjects (or at least for the ones I did aha). One that I found moderately alright for consolidation was "High School...
  3. DheerChoudhury

    For USYD students, have you received the UniKey and Enrolment Instructions

    When the credentials they gave you to login don't work ;-;
  4. DheerChoudhury

    Future Peers at USYD

    Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies
  5. DheerChoudhury

    HONOUR ROLL Out Early??

    For example: you get a mystery mark and every barista out there spits in your coffee
  6. DheerChoudhury

    HONOUR ROLL Out Early??

    God whatever happens please make it so that band 6s on the list remain as band 6s because I can't take this anymore fr
  7. DheerChoudhury

    Maq V UTS

    According to the "QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021: Law & Legal Studies", UTS ranked at 61 while MQU ranked at around 101-150. This may be something to consider as you typically want the university with the stronger performance in your particular discipline...
  8. DheerChoudhury

    USYD Vs MQU - B of Science

    Ahhhh I see...so then the main researching people can consider writing like a recommendation/put in a good word for future research or something like that?
  9. DheerChoudhury

    USYD Vs MQU - B of Science

    Could you clarify by "got involved"? Do you mean you can start your own individual mini-projects earlier on?
  10. DheerChoudhury

    USYD Vs MQU - B of Science

    Yeah that was definitely something I was considering doing, as it offers a lot of practical benefits. However, my offers are simply bachelor's of science without honours. Perhaps a silly question, but can I apply for an honours year within the course?
  11. DheerChoudhury

    USYD Vs MQU - B of Science

    So basically right I'm wanting to eventually study as an astrophysicist, which will be obtained by an undergrad in science with majors in Physics. I've received offers to both unis but am tossing up between them. USYD - Course is a B of Science with a major in Phys. One interesting thing is...
  12. DheerChoudhury

    Unable to log into UAC after my hsc exams

    Go to your careers advisor and/or call UAC ASAP?