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    Is getting my Master's really worth the $$?

    Your mother is right. You should always try to aim for a masters, however if money is an issue you should reconsider and/or contact the University about the issue. Good luck _rakeIt.
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    #welcome #general-chat

    no memes in general bro
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    Would i get accepted to Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management ?

    I don't believe COVID will change the ATAR drastically. International Students will usually get exemptions regardless; so just ring up the University themselves and ask them yourself.
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    help decide major work pls

    anondudu, what is the suggested word-limit? If it is below 3500 words, choose a specific topic and not a broad essay question. If it is over then be careful to choose a topic that isn't too broad. The more concise the question the easier and better. The Tulsa massacre would be an interesting...