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Recent content by duckylah21

  1. duckylah21

    IPT Prelim and HSC Textbook - Recommendations?

    Sam Davis - Extremely detailed and in depth. Heaps of hsc style question inside.
  2. duckylah21

    2016 IPT HSC Question 19 - No idea why I got the wrong answer?

    Direct coversions: The old system is dropped completely and the new system being implemented at a single point in time. The question doesn't directly state whether the old system system will be dropped all together at a time. So the better answer would be Pilot conversion as the new system is...
  3. duckylah21

    Application of Geometric Series Problem

    http://ibb.co/myefJ I’m having trouble with Q3 and Q4. Q3) I’ve done multiple tries like dividing her yearly $100 by 12 months and still can’t get the right answer. It is compounded monthly but she only invests once at the beginning of each year. Q4) Got close to the answer. Answers: Q3)...
  4. duckylah21

    Chapter 2 help?