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Recent content by Eagle Mum

  1. Eagle Mum

    biology question

    I‘ve always hated these sorts of MCQs. Homeostasis is about maintaining balance within the internal environment as the external environment changes, so I am guessing that the intended correct response is A, but honestly, D isn’t inherently incorrect.
  2. Eagle Mum

    bio question help pls

    This is a broader explanation which includes components that address the question. First consider the reasons for choosing a particular type of epidemiological study. These are the broad types of epidemiological studies: Reference URL...
  3. Eagle Mum

    induction q

    All credit @idkkdi. I just filled in some details since he's probably busy studying for the HSC.
  4. Eagle Mum

    induction q

    x^n-y^n is divisible by (x-y) There’s a different induction proof for this. Therefore, 17(33^n-28^n) + 5(28^n-11^n) = 17*(33-28)*N1 + 5(28-11)*N2 = 17*5N1 + 5*17N2 = 85(N1 + N2) In an induction proof, the first component of the algebraic expression is assumed to be divisible by 85.
  5. Eagle Mum

    bio question: Explain why photoreceptors of the eye are organised in certain areas of the retina.

    There are two types of photoreceptors - rods & cones. Vision in daylight is predominantly cone-mediated which is responsible for colour detection. Rods mediate vision in low light settings. The total number of rods far exceeds the number of cones throughout most of the retina except in the...
  6. Eagle Mum

    Biology Question

    Evolution by natural selection. Malaria selected for the HbS trait because those who carried this trait were more likely to survive malaria infection and therefore pass on this trait to their offspring...
  7. Eagle Mum


    Does NESA provide the HSC marks & aggregate to the school? More than one student could share the school’s highest ATAR, but their HSC aggregate score might actually differ.
  8. Eagle Mum


    Congratulations! The ATAR reflects the overall sum of internal & external assessments, so whatever the terminology, my view is that you outperformed this other individual (I guess it can be like comparing ‘apples & oranges’ when trying to evaluate students taking different subjects and someone...
  9. Eagle Mum


    They are based on school assessments at the school my kids attend. Most of the time, it’s the same student, but I think if they are different individuals, whoever gets the highest ATAR in their school should probably also be entitled to call themselves ‘Dux’.
  10. Eagle Mum

    Any advice can help

    Most GPs have completed the additional three years of training. From what I understand from my friends who are GPs, there are non RACGP accredited doctors working at GP practices but the Medicare rebates are lower, so they get paid less (eg. If they bulk bill) and/or their patients get less...
  11. Eagle Mum

    Any advice can help

    UCAT & GAMSAT are similar exams that assess your aptitude. UCAT + ATAR + interviews are used (with different weightings by each Uni) to select students for the undergraduate med courses. GAMSAT + WAM (replacing GPA as the cumulative Uni grading system) + interviews are used to select students...
  12. Eagle Mum

    Selective Entry Thread 2021 (Lockdown)

    You have to be 14 yrs old to participate in D of E. Many students are still 13 at the beginning of Yr 9, so it’s problematic as many students in the same year at school won’t be able to start at the same time and so can’t do the same levels of activities together.
  13. Eagle Mum

    Work experience

    My eldest worked as a volunteer one day a week in a nursing home during her gap year. She loved it and all the residents, their families & staff loved having my daughter around. That’s how we knew she was likely to become a good doctor. Not just to pad out her resume, she also gained plenty of...
  14. Eagle Mum

    Preliminary Exams

    I suspect that physics is the subject with the fewest capable teachers. It’s quite possible (?likely) your physics teacher is engaging in these irrelevant conversations as a time waster to hide the fact that s/he can’t actually teach the topic content. My husband, daughter & son have all had...
  15. Eagle Mum

    help! yr 12 subject selection

    You could drop just one unit and keep the option of dropping a second if necessary. Check also with your maths teacher regarding your options - it may be possible to decide at the very last minute whether you want to sit the Adv maths or maths Ex2 paper. That was certainly the case for my...