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Recent content by elobski

  1. elobski

    How do I apply KCL here?

    hey guys, this might be a pretty dumb question but how would I get the current draw for r2 using Kirchhoff's current law?
  2. elobski

    Preliminary Physics 2019 Syllabus

    could you also send it to me x) maybe post it up on resources or something so you dont get so much spam
  3. elobski

    Views on year 11 english extension?

    It really depends. In terms of scaling and stuff it's definitely great but that's granted you do well in it. It's much better to get a band 6 in just maths advanced than to mess around and easy time with maths extension. Don't choose subjects for scaling, ace what you're good at.
  4. elobski

    Views on year 11 english extension?

    ahahaha yeah unfortunately but thank you! and yes I do extension 1 maths
  5. elobski

    stationery list for next year

    i you'd probably also want pencils for graph sketching but yeah all you really need is a pen and a calculator.
  6. elobski

    stationery list for next year

    pens (make sure they're black for exams), pencils, highlighter, ruler, calculator, protractor, eraser (maybe get a couple - you're probably gonna need them), sharpener. a mathomat senior might be pretty useful during exams to help you save time and stuff but your teacher probably won't like you...
  7. elobski

    Atar of 70+ possible?

    use an atar calculator like hscninja (look up hsc ninja atar calculator) if you know what your marks are. if you were to get 85 for all your subjects, you'd be look at an ~85.5 atar (using hscninja calc).
  8. elobski

    How difficult is it to adjust to a selective high school environment? Is it a high atar still possible?

    hey! i was in your situation about a year ago when i applied for sydney boys from a non-selective public school so i'll not be able to answer your school specific questions but here goes: 1) this really depends on your current teachers/school. what you'll find is that teachers definitely do...
  9. elobski

    dropping from advanced to standard maths

    oh hey it's you
  10. elobski

    ATAR Estimate??

    if you know your marks you can put them in an atar calculator like hscninja (just google hsc ninja atar calculator). that website also lets you look at how many band 6s your school has gotten per subject in the last 3(?) years and also has various other interesting things.
  11. elobski

    dropping from advanced to standard maths

    to be honest i think your best bet would be to drop legal studies if you're worried about scaling unless you know you can manage the amount of time and energy required to excel at that subject. keeping advanced maths and all your other subjects will give you a really good foundation of subjects...
  12. elobski

    Views on year 11 english extension?

    Yeah I'm currently in year 11 doing extension but, if I'm honest, I probably would have just gone with advanced if extension wasn't mandatory at my school and I'm probably gonna drop it come year 12. Best of luck to you and make sure you use all the resources you can (especially on this website)...
  13. elobski

    Views on year 11 english extension?

    Extension english is definitely more work than advanced english in that a higher level of analysis and understanding of your texts will be required in order to achieve highly. Furthermore, to excel you must also have pretty good time management and dedication to your work because, as far as one...