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    ECO: 2019-2020 federal budget

    Can someone tell me if it's contractionary or expansionary fiscal policy please!
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    Will my faked log book hours look dodgy?

    LOL i forged my entire thing its fine i wrote i drove 1-4 hours each time
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    Commerce or Economics?

    I'm currently doing Math 2u, Eng std, Economics, SOR II and Chemistry (failing badly)
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    Commerce or Economics?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get an ATAR of around 90, but realistically I'll probably be getting around 80-85. I'd like to apply for a commerce/business degree however, they require an ATAR of 90-96 (USYD,UNSW,UTS). In the future I'd like to do something like HR or become a business analyst. Is it...
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    Talent 100 ATAR Calculator

    I haven't been able to use Talent 100's ATAR calculator since the beginning of this year, has anyone else had trouble?
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    related texts

    what related texts are you guys doing? we're doing go back to where you came from as the common module, if anyone has ideas for a related text pls comment :spin:
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    Prelim Chemistry Notes

    could you pm me as well please :)
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    School B6's

    Our dux got a 96 ATAR and she didn't rank anywhere in the top 5 of her subjects for the whole year :') (school is ranked in the 300s which is they the top score might seem low to some)
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    Was excited to finally be able to wear the senior uniform :') realised it looked like shit
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    Is tutoring necessary for 95+ ATAR

    has anyone ever achieved 95+ without tutoring? everyone is telling me to get a tutor for year 11 & 12
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    Notebooks or Binders

    I was thinking of doing half notebooks and the other half binders so my bag would be very light :spin: but i'm scared if i bring loose sheet into class my teachers will kill me lmao. How is everyone else organising their stuff?
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    Binder or exercise books?

    I'm going to go with Binders for year 11 and 12 (except maths) and maybe just bring some papers to school in a folder to use then put it into the binders at home. Hehehehe gonna have a light bag
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    Investigating Science Anyone?

    hey, im in year 10 too... in terms of scaling i personally don't think it will scale very well. Since you asked if 'intelligent kids' will do the subject the smarties in my grade did not choose it, and the grade required to pick a course for my grade was a D whereas phys and chem were B in...