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    SRS Question

    Hi guys, so i've applied for UTS SRS and i've been given some offers in early november. HOWEVER, I realised there's some other courses that I would prefer... does this men if I change my preferences for the new course i select (from UTS) the SRS offer won't be applicable?
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    ATAR Estimate

    my cousin went to a school in the 250-300's, she was last in everything and got a 50. That year thee school rank was 150.
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    Hey guys, I've received four eligibility emails for UTS SRS which i'm really happy about but nervous that i wont get over 69 because i failed chemistry throughout the year. I really want to do Bachelor of business (which im eligible for). I was wondering that does this offer mean that if i get...
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    HSC success stories after getting a bad internal rank!

    wait that means she got a 95 assessment mark even though she ranked 10/13?
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    ATAR Estimate

    Hey guys, can someone estimate my ATAR, i'm hoping for 80+ but my report is just sad. I've included final rank + trial mark - I studied the night before for all of my trials and did the CSSA paper :( English Standard - 8/76, Trial: 64% Maths 2U - 19/22, Trial: 56% Chemistry - 10/10, Trial: 21%...
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    HSC success stories after getting a bad internal rank!

    Hey guys just looking for some hope, has anyone or someone you know ever pulled out with a decent ATAR (80+) after doing well in externals and having a bad internal rank in an average ranking school
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    Is it possible for an 80+, Trial Estimate!

    Someone I know that graduated in the year before got 48% in the english trials and 76 as their HSC examination mark!
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    Is it possible for an 80+, Trial Estimate!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an estimate (my marks have been awful). I'm aiming for 80, but I don't think its possible. School rank: 250-300s Subject // Trial Mark // Assessment Rank Mathematics // 56/100 // 20/22 English Std // 64/100 // 12/76 (estimate) SOR II...
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    highest was 99 i got 56
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    how many bonus points for UTS can i receive if i'm eligible for socio-economic disadvantage

    I'm eligible for SEIFA or AG01, how many bonus points would i get for it if i want to apply to UTS? It doesn't specify on their website.
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    Failed Internals is there still hope?

    Got my trial papers back and I got 20% for chemistry (ranked last) and 56% for mathematics advanced (third last). My school is ranked 200-300, has anyone ever had or heard of HSC success stories where they failed their internal assessments and finished with a low rank. Is there still hope to get...
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    ECO: 2019-2020 federal budget

    Can someone tell me if it's contractionary or expansionary fiscal policy please!
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    Will my faked log book hours look dodgy?

    LOL i forged my entire thing its fine i wrote i drove 1-4 hours each time
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    Commerce or Economics?

    I'm currently doing Math 2u, Eng std, Economics, SOR II and Chemistry (failing badly)
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    Commerce or Economics?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get an ATAR of around 90, but realistically I'll probably be getting around 80-85. I'd like to apply for a commerce/business degree however, they require an ATAR of 90-96 (USYD,UNSW,UTS). In the future I'd like to do something like HR or become a business analyst. Is it...