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    transferring from comm/law to actt/comm

    hey guys, im currently doing comm law and just finishing off year 1 at UNSW, ive done 2 courses of law so far. but im not really enjoying it, tbh i realised i dont have much of a passion for law at all, and my law marks have taken a hit this semster, i got a distinction last semester. also, im...
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    Whats the usual E3 & E4 cut off?

    imo cutff will be about 74% which is 53/70
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    Raw marks

    55 is 78% this has been e4 in like each of the past 4-5 years between 92-94. Considering people found this a teeny bit harder (overall) I'd say your defs looking at an e4, probs a 93
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    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Thoughts

    This exam was not particularly difficult IMO. I had been getting 95% in the past exams but im looking at high 80s here. Stress rly got to me midway through the exam. It was just unusual that IMO the hardest questions were in the middle. I found the last question much too easy as well as the...
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    indeed, im just observing since it was 70 in 2014, probably a little lower given the exam was harder
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    well if the cut off for e4 is high 60s as many seem to think, i believe an 87 would get you at least a 97, towards 98
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    i found the exam significantly more challenging than previous years, as had nearly everyone in my fairly large cohort Personally, Im happy the last question was tough, allowing me to focus on other parts. Hopefully 5 for q 15 and 80 raw Btw, e4 cut off predictions? Taking into account it was...
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    Please tell me you don't think it was easier than 2014 and 2015.
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    Comp Sci @ UNSW - what's it like?

    Legit sorry if this pisses anyone off coz I'm sure this has been asked before but the answers are from 2011-2012, so I'd like some more recent advice. I'm looking to study comp sci next year at UNSW (combined with commerce). pretty confident I'll get the required ATAR, i do 4u maths, probs...