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  1. hschelper01

    ATAR 2020

    Someone I know got 93... They got 3 bands 6s (Adv English, Ext English and Music 2) and 3 band 5s (Economics, Legal, Maths2U).
  2. hschelper01

    physics scaling

    All good!!
  3. hschelper01

    Choosing subjects for year 12- Bio or Ext 1 English

    Ext1 English all the way... It's got to be one of the best subjects in the HSC...
  4. hschelper01

    Best way to get into aviation

  5. hschelper01

    Internal marks/external marks

    I'd say you definitely can - anything's possible, especially with the current climate. Maybe improve your english+maths ranks and you'll be fine!
  6. hschelper01

    Advice For EXT2 English Students

    “By the end of term 2, where should I be up to and how complete should my major work be?” At this point in the year, you should have finished most of your piece. I would recommend having a first draft completed by July so I could spend the last couple of weeks editing and perfecting my writing...
  7. hschelper01

    Year 12 Subjects

    Consult you're teacher/coordinator before you drop because they'll probably have a lot of analytics they can provide you with. If you need help with Extension1/2 English, PM me - I've got spaces for tutoring :):)!
  8. hschelper01

    UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-Operative) Scholarship 2020

    :biglaugh::biglaugh: Noooo! I honestly thought I wouldn't get in this year... but I did... I was looking at doing aviation at UNSW (glad I didn't now) before I applied for this... so anything is possible. I don't think you can apply when you're in Year11 - but definitely apply next year - you've...
  9. hschelper01

    "Who is your intended audience?" - what does this mean?

    For me - last year - I was told to make it as specific as possible. So my story was based on science fiction and I chose to have my piece 'published' to science magazines etc etc. BUT, you should NEVER include 'age' as a criteria - markers don't like this...
  10. hschelper01

    Engineering trial papers

    Same hahaha! Yeah... not allowed to share papers because it's against 'copyright'.... but you could always find some online 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️
  11. hschelper01

    iPad or MacBook

    I've got both....🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ They seem to work very well together...
  12. hschelper01

    How important are extracurricular activities to universities?

    Well I have to admit.... getting paid to study is pretty cool :biglaugh: :rolleyes:
  13. hschelper01

    How important are extracurricular activities to universities?

    Hmmm yeah that's a good point... I guess it really depends on what you're applying for.
  14. hschelper01

    Talent 100?

    This might help: https://boredofstudies.org/threads/best-english-tutoring-colleges.388640/#post-7329673