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Recent content by idkkdi

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    where am i going wrong

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    where am i going wrong

    let t = tan1/2theta convert everything to be in terms of t, and then it's algebra.
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    english and eco chats

    hm, nesa's allowed to make us write a creative based on something from any mod right?
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    BoS trials Maths and Chemistry 2021

    @Qeru get back here.
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    complex numbers

    prove it if you want to play it safe.
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    complex numbers

    alternatively, 1+z+z^2+z^3+z^4 = 0 (z^2+z^-2) + (z+z^-1) + 1 = 0 2cos2t + 2cost + 1 = 0 4cos^2t + 2cost - 1 = 0 Let cost = x, hence 4x^2+2x-1 = 0 for Re(z), where z=/1, z is a 5th root of unity, which is cos2pi/5, cos4pi/5.
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    for the ones you are first in, helping others won't do anything. first gets first mark, without the mean adjusting it afaik. for the other subjects, yes perhaps, but likely negligible.
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    Doable, but you do have to work quite hard.

    Doable, but you do have to work quite hard.
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    Year Group Not Studying

    yes. not much you can do about them if they're not going along with your plans.
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    Year Group Not Studying

    it's a bit rough. but, make sure the kid ranked ahead of u doesnt underperform and if u pop off then doable.
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    How does tied ranks work for the HSC?

    last seen 2018 and female lol
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    he finished a phd lol
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    4U North Sydney Boys 2021 Trial answer

    any of the qs u can't do in nsb trials are probably pretty irrelevant for the purposes of hsc lol.
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    hard pulley question

    nsbhs 2021 took the step question then removed the scaffolding lmfao