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    Is 4U math prerequisite for a degree in Medicine

    u need 0 maths for medicine lmfao. 4u maths is taken up by these people for 1. scaling 2. high achievers correlate with taking challenging subjects
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    Advice on HSC subject selections please

    i would take x1 (especially if u plan to do uni physics/engi stuff) or chem instead of investigating. triple science is very doable. there's plenty of people who do it.
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    Math ext 1 Calculus exam year 11

    cambridge and papers is all you'll ever need for x1.
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    dr du online courses removed

    Now I got no idea
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    careers in healthcare?

    Bioinformatics stuff
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    dr du online courses removed

    Scared of pirating lmao
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    Subject selection dilemma need advice

    x1 and x2 maths are the most important subjects you can take if you want to go into actuarial studies.
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    Subject selection dilemma need advice

    if ur going to do law, you can learn the legal stuff once u start your law degree. no need to do legal studies. on the other hand you might never be able to learn french again. i would take both ext subjects. definitely take x1 maths.
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    Internals and ranks

    Depends on how good the two people in front of you are.
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    Schools impact on internal ranks

    Check Hscninja for number of band 6s in that subject from your school
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    handwriting in the hsc

    Topic sentences should be decently neat as well. in the body of a paragraph I would imagine you could get away with a bit. Still would advise getting readable handwriting tho.
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    handwriting in the hsc

    Depends on your luck. Better to have good handwriting.
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    Bad ATAR Projection

    hmm, ye nvm, ur schools probably using a reasonable projection. hard to explain unless u understand how the hsc system works otherwise we're going down a rabbit hole. your rank in VA rather than your score would be much more useful for the school to do projections with. i.e. it doesnt matter...
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    Bad ATAR Projection

    it's very very unlikely to 65 ext 1 lmfao. your school is doing scuffed projections.