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Recent content by JACKYSUN20

  1. J

    Master of Business Law......ANYONE????????

    I will be doing MBL in July 2012, anyone did it before or plan to take this course? thanks...... i am kinda lost,
  2. J

    hi, man. u doing a master degree in international relations, huh? im a chinese btw :)

    hi, man. u doing a master degree in international relations, huh? im a chinese btw :)
  3. J

    bout accg 253

    hi, man , does a 253 PC have to re-enrol again for next term? can 200/201/250/253 all these double fail rule apply to PCs???? :spzz:
  4. J

    Question regarding good tutors 4 ACCG310/340 and BUSL320

    Florentia? that asian lady? she s**ks for sure i had her on 301 tute last semester, as far as i know, no one likes her.....lol
  5. J

    BUSL320 Revenue Law - any tips?

    im not sure, i wt to check it still available for next semester, do u know where it possible to find out the name of 201 textbook in term 2? i am afraid it will change to a new book..........
  6. J

    BUSL320 Revenue Law - any tips?

    I think im doing ok, possible can get credit overall, s180,181,182,183,184 and s588G are always in the final my friends said to me,
  7. J

    reminder for ACCG253 final

    the LIC is a totally piece of sh**, i talked to him before and asked him questions in his office, always with impatience written on his face , it's like the question i ask as simple as in kindergarten and should not bother to ask him, so what fuck to hire u for? he sucks in the...
  8. J

    BUSL320 Revenue Law - any tips?

    hi man hows ur 301 exam? :)
  9. J

    ACCG 253 Final Exam

  10. J

    BUSL301 Mid-term exam

    not bad at all, mate! :music: i got 14/20, bro, only nnedddd 1 mark towards my goal.............. hope i can get full mark for the tute participants 15%, i got tick for every tutes, :rofl: hows ur 253 result?
  11. J

    【【【【***how's ur ACCG253 MID RESULT?***】】】

    yeah, u probably right, one of my mate did 253 last semester, he got like HD in the mid, but only achieved P over all, kinda of strange,,,, they say the final is really hard, especially questions on the capital structure, thats why they did not change the hm wk questions, and the answers we have...
  12. J

    【【【【***how's ur ACCG253 MID RESULT?***】】】

    anyone found it hard? but the average is quite high, my tutor told us it was 56, i think. btw i got 60/80. the highest was 78/80, what a goody, :chainsaw:
  13. J

    BUSL301 Mid-term exam

    Mid result released, everybody in the house!
  14. J

    BUSL301 Mid-term exam

    i think probablly i can get 15/20 i counted a few times after done the paper, but im not sure, i think i could achieve abrove the average mark. good luck to myself! tung, my bro u will be fine in the mid, everyone can pass the final,, or most. the 19th question of the paper, anyone choosen...
  15. J

    BUSL301 Mid-term exam

    man, u serious? last week's lecture mike said the average could be 13/20,,,, who knows? so im thinking he is being nice for this semester, through last term it was only 10/20, correct? some questions are naisty, but i think the average could achieve a pass...