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    General university questions - help needed

    Okay so basically I got accepted into Commerce/Science at Macquarie beginning next year (I took a gap year this year), however I'm not sure if I'll cope with the double degree, and I don't know anyone with previous experience to ask. I'm planning on giving it a shot - however commerce related...
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    Macq Uni rugby

    Why would it matter how big the players are (especially for a halfback, assuming you mean union), its not like its shute shield. Rugby is rugby there's always going to be a mix of big and small players, good and terrible teams.
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    What are the higher paying part-time jobs for High School/Uni students?

    Start looking around - hand in resumes and apply everywhere, if they offer you a job and the hours or pay doesn't suit you, just say no. I'm on a Gap year at the moment but I work in a winery and make $21 an hour at 18. My friend at uni works at a real estate office for $40 an hour. If you want...
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    Completely dropping Mathematics?

    I was in your same position (except I had 12U, so it didn't count), didn't end up dropping maths and I regretted it. If you don't have an interest in maths, drop it, because you'll never study for it & general seems like a shit option too. Go Bio I'd say.
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    Tips for increasing Bench Press Weight

    Like the other guy said, eat heaps. Like, all day. Tons. As for increasing bench, from your post I'm assuming your doing it for the sole purpose of strength? Like, if you're after size aswell theres two different biological processes, and therefore two different methods of going about it. If...
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    Sciences All Nyter Thread

    ah shit well that explains it haha
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    Sciences All Nyter Thread

    fuarrrrrk 5:20AM solid effort!
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    Year 12 leavers, check this out (free Windows 8.1, Office 2013)

    This only for public schools? Has anyone dled from this site and it's worked?
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    Favourite music to study to?

    Not for everyone brah
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    Favourite music to study to?

    yer but generally they release an album afterwards, too much doof doof type of music for me anyway. I just had Chase and Status' album on repeat, if I can't focus then I swap over to Nujabes. Now that's soothing.
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    Year 12 2013 Chit Chat Thread

    Re: The p00n thread Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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    Year 12 2013 Chit Chat Thread

    Re: The p00n thread gg reported to BoS
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    Band 5/6 cut off?

    Really? Last years exam was easy in comparison I thought too.
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    It's not like you're going to lose many marks for stating the Meissner effect though, I mean if you included an understanding of superconductor's and their electrical properties, then used Maglev as an example of one, and referenced it's effect on society.. that's most of the question answered...