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About me:
Hello! I am jimmysmith560. I came to Australia in 2016 and completed my HSC in 2019, achieving an ATAR of 92.10. I took the following subjects in year 12:
  • English Standard​
  • Mathematics​
  • Business Studies​
  • Information Processes and Technology​
  • French Continuers​
  • French Extension​
I was able to achieve band 6's in French Continuers (95) and Information Processes and Technology (91) as well as a band E4 in French Extension (45). I was originally meant to complete year 12 in 2020, but following my move to Australia, I went from year 8 straight to year 10, technically skipping an academic year and this has meant graduating from high school as part of the Class of 2019. I am a trilingual person - I grew up speaking Arabic and French and drastically improved my English ever since I came to Australia.

I am currently in my second year in my Bachelor's degree (details below) and hoping to complete it in 2022, meaning I can finally graduate in early 2023! After gaining enough experience, I hope to come back to university and study a Master of Business Administration at the University of Sydney.

All the best with your studies! 😄
Krak des Chevaliers
Custom Subtitle
The Walking Wikipedia
Academic Programme
Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership) - Human Resource Management
Uni Grad
Educational Institution
Western Sydney University
Political Views
Favourite Books
Les 7 Nouvelles de Maupassant
Les Misérables
La Petite Poule qui voulait voir la mer
Favourite Quote
Avoir une autre langue, c’est posséder une autre âme.
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Executive/Management, HR/Recruitment/Training


Tutor for: French (Native - 🏆 Ranked 1ST in French Extension 2019 at NSL 🏆)
| Business Studies (BBus(ABL) at WSU)
Arabic (Native)

For more info: https://boredofstudies.org/threads/french-business-studies-and-arabic-tutoring.393577/#post-7359376
DM if interested 😄


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