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  1. J

    thinking of appealing, would like opinions please

    yes I expected to get 105-110/120 accounting for mistakes in ex 2, and that was from looking at online solutions (and I marked my self pretty harshly) and I also got 93. i don't think it scaled as well this year (but obvs it scaled well in the calculations of the atar) as for the guy thinking...
  2. J

    Anyone getting their exam(s) rechecked?

    I'm gonna get the exam for the subject that didn't count towards my atar rechecked so iv got nuthin to loose
  3. J

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    my "lol" was only directed at those who are actually pretending. for those who arnt well done
  4. J

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    i got 99.75 :] and duxed my skool !! also lol at everyone who is pretending they didn't study- trying to make themselves feel better coz they didn't get wat they wanted
  5. J

    How accurate are SAM/UMAX?

    JUAI 99.90 UMAX 99.75 Einstein 99.70 SAM 99.65 hmm i wish they were more consistent
  6. J

    What is the HSC Merit List?

    does it list the subjects you got the band 6s in or does it just say your name
  7. J

    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    im so happy with my marks:: English Adv 95 Maths X1 95 Maths X2 93 Legal 94 Religion 48 Japanese C 96 Japanese X 45
  8. J

    First Place in Course List

    heres one i just read Blind student tops HSC subject
  9. J

    SMS results

    its too late to sign up now...but im suprised u dont no how, i have recieved 2 letters in the mail telling me how, plus it is written all over this site, the board of studies, and students online... also, did all of those ppl who recieved their SMSs at 5something AM sign up for SMS notification...
  10. J

    All nighter on BoS on dec16th

    35.5 hours left!
  11. J

    Japanese Extension

    well I thought it was okk. I liked the consumerism question so I went with that. it would hav been nice if the conversation was a straight forward letter. but yer cud hav been worse.
  12. J

    Section 1 - Law & Society

    lol, according to my legal studies teacher, in the marking centre last year, there were teachers arguing for every single one of the 4 options for the rule of law question. but i guess the only way you can really make a legal studies test hard by making the multiple choice more ambiguous. lets...
  13. J

    Section 1 - Law & Society

    funnily enough the word predictability is not featured at all in the wikipedia article. but yes i accept what your saying that the law 'must be known', (however the rule of law it is a subjective term, and like justice, everyone has different view on it). either way, what i was trying to say...
  14. J

    Section 1 - Law & Society

    I am not only considering equality. I also considered another characteristic of a just law, "that it reflects society's morals..." and im sure if you throw any other characteristic of a just law at me i could use it to support my arguement that an outcome of justice is predictablility. this...
  15. J

    Section 1 - Law & Society

    the rule of law does not require laws to be known. from question 2 we know that an essential feature of a just law, is that it is known. if you can connect a law being 'known' to a predictable outcome, then justice has a predictable outcome.