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    MQ commerce transfer into UNSW

    To transfer to commerce at unsw you would need a distinction average. I don't know what that translates from wam but that means essentially you should be receiving at least 75% or above in all your units of study.
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    Early entries and scholarships

    Check and call univerisites for help, each year they change requirements and application process so best people to ask are the unis themselves
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    Own Prescribed text?

    Yes, had to do this with my first assignment. But if your having trouble picking a text yourself, you can always ask your teacher for recommendations or ask your librarian for help on related texts.
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    Best way to get into aviation

    B. Aviation (Flying) at UNSW or joining the Air Force (its competitive tho). UNSW aviation school has direct connections to QANTAS, so basically once you graduate from the program, QANTAS will desire you over applicants who haven't got a degree from a university.
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    Easiest way is just to study B. Aviation (flying) at unsw or other unis. You get your license at shorter hours then regular flyers cause your being taught at a university. Also, UNSW has direct links and programs to Qantas link enabling graduates of the program to applying and being accepted...
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    Raw mark for b6 in engineering

    Can't say because it differs every year, raw marks change btw depending on your rank at school. So if your rank at school is around top 15-20% percentile, and assuming you do good in the hsc exam, then band 6 in engineering should be achievable.
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    What is Mechatronic engineering at UNSW like?

    ANSWERS from best of my ability, but most of these should really be personally answered qs, 1. varies each year, but it shouldn't be an issue cause unsw doesn't really have a limit to how many students they accept as long as you meet the entry requirements. 2. Again, varies, its more so what...
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    UNSW Commerce vs USYD Commerce?

    Not entirely sure much about jd and its entry requirements, however from what i have gathered, its basically a law degree as a postgraduate course. So whether you do BBL/b. commerce or b. commerce then JD, you'll end up in the same job either way assuming.
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    UNSW Commerce vs USYD Commerce?

    Well if law is your first choice, then go for unsw. Even if you don't end up in law at the later rounds, at least you have a chance to transfer after first year, which you can't do at usyd. And worst case scenario, if you don't transfer to comm/law after one year of commerce at unsw, then you...
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    EAS for USYD

    yeah they do, and they only give a max of 5 points on the basis of eas alone. However, how many out of the five you get is dependent on the course you applied to (the popularity of the course as well as the atar that course needs), as well as the disadvantages you applied and are eligible for.
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    getting into unsw commerce with a lower atar?

    Yes, if they do get approved then you don't have to repeat those courses. But if they don't and I heard they usually won't if you're not coming from a GO8 uni (which I think is silly) then you will have to unfortunately repeat them. But fingers crossed they do get approved, you never know...
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    Admission into UNSW Law with EAS

    Any degree, even medicine will accept eas since it is done by uac not the university, (but this year I heard it might change so call uac to confirm this). It terms of making it into admission into law, that is entirely dependent on your atar (and lat as well if you done it). It doesnt mean you...
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    getting into unsw commerce with a lower atar?

    No, through EAS (UAC) they can award up to ten bonus points to your atar, then they can add up to 5 bonus points from HSC plus (UNSW). So overall you can be rewarded up to 10 bonus points all together (assuming you are given all of the ten points for eas and 5 for hsc plus). If you really want...
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    Can I still get a band 6

    THAT IS AWESOME!!! Good on you!!! Yep I can definitely say you have a high chance of getting a band 6 in English, assuming you do good in the HSC!!! Btw what are you planning to do in uni?
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    bounce back with trials?

    My trials were 40% of my internal assessment, so 20% roughly for my overall raw score. Hope that helps