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Recent content by Joshuey

  1. J

    The Woolworths Thread

    Was wondering if anyone could help me in regards to uniforms? I'm starting in Nightfill soon. I don't really like the polos (even though they're supposedly more comfortable) and I want to wear the long sleeve button up instead. Am I allowed or am I restricted to polos? On the Total Image...
  2. J

    How to fake logbook odometer?

    Hi guys, I just got my Learners recently... and I'm really hoping to drive quite immediately once I turn 18. And don't worry, I intend to do mostly legit hours, it's just whenever I drive with instructors there may be a large gap of time in between which I want filled rather than nothing there...
  3. J

    Going for licence in Australia after 21?

    Yeah I'm on my Ls right now.
  4. J

    Going for licence in Australia after 21?

    Does anyone know what happens after you turn 21? Can you just go straight for your Ps? I've heard conflicting things on this from different people. Half says you still have to do some form of "Learner" hours (not as big as 120 though), some say you don't do any hours at all and, as said before...