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  • Hi Kamal,
    Would you be able to send a sample of you chemistry notes to studyman1997@hotmail.com?
    Thanks :)
    Hey Kamal,
    Not sure if you saw my post, but could you please send me a sample of your chem notes to alex.tong27@gmail.com Thanks!
    Sorry for disturbing you once again, Kamal. But I wanted to know a few more things about MBBS.

    1. What do you do during your internship?
    2. How many years is internship? Some sources say 1, others say 2.
    3. Do you specialise before or after internship?
    4. How long is it to specialise?

    As usual, thank you for your help.
    hey! was just wondering where you would do chem tutoring or if you have any room for an extra student??
    hey dude, just wondering what your study pattern was throughout the hsc and during the school holidays to get an atar of 99.95. im aiming for an atar of 90+ but my subject choices aren't to good. I do hospitality, senior science, business studies, 2 unit maths, advanced english and 1 unit religion. I just started year 12 and your help would be greatly appreciated! thanks :)
    hey kidha, hello, lol im ramneek, nick, in year 10 atm,
    i was reading one of ur posts and couldnt help but notice that u came 12th in the state! jst thought id congratulate, u no, im punjabi, ur punjabi...i think...where u from'? maybe i know u...kamal..? who..? boy/girl? revesby/parklea/austral gurdwara??
    hey i noticed that you picked i have a dream by martin luther king as one of your related texts for belonging... ive chosen the same text as well and im just wondering whether you would be able to give me a few good points on it... thanks
    hey kamal!
    of course i remember you!
    how's it been?!
    brilliant work with your atar mate! :)
    hope all is well :)
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