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    MedEntry Group Discount Group needed

    Hey Ethan was wondering if you still needed someone! my email is
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    UNSW rollcall 2016

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    UNSW rollcall 2016

    Hahahha how was it, and are you planning to get into medicine through that pathway?
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    UNSW rollcall 2016

    First year Bachelor of Medical Science :)
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    Buses to UNSW

    What? why?
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    Best major in Advanced Science for Med?

    How are you planning to transfer into medicine?
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    chem1011 or chem1031

    I also did chemistry and got a band 5, would doing 1031 help me boost my WAM? How much harder is it in general?
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    Buses to UNSW

    I have two 9am lectures because they are only at those times...
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    Oxidation and Reduction in electrolysis??

    For HSC 2010 Chemistry question 33)b) I used the correct equations and got the final answer. However the sample answer's half equations says at the cathode oxidation occurs (equation flipped) while at the anode reduction occurs (equation did not flip). can someone please give me some insight on...
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    How often are General Solutions asked in the HSC?

    I'm currently studying for 3U and was wondering how often does the HSC actually ask General Solution questions? I've never really studied them or done any questions on them, but they seem extremely rare.
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    HSC Biology Marathon 2015

    Our scientific thinking about evolutionary relationships between animals has changed dramatically as a result of advances in technology. For example technologies such as biochemical analysis uses DNA-DNA hybridisation to compare amino-acid chains between other organisms. From previous knowledge...
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    HSC 2015-2016 Business Studies Marathon (archive)

    Re: 2015 Business Studies Marathon Bump!
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    HSC Biology Marathon 2015

    Using an example, describe how advances in technology have changed scientific thinking about evolutionary relationship.