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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    im proud with my 83. not because of the fact is high for me, cause its not. but because im proud that im not a study drone, or a trophy for my parents for them to show off to other parents 'look my son got 99.95 my son better than yours'. that my ambition isnt to make money or become a...
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    How close were ATAR calculators for you?

    Matrix was 82.9, was 84.9, real was 83.00, and my goal was 83.00. ultimate luck. if i had lost ONE MARK.... it would have been all over.
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    83.00, and the 2014 guaranteed entry (equal to or greater than) atar for mcq arts-psych happens to be...... 83.00 FUCK YEAH<3 EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT FOR LIFE <3
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    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    It didnt for the last 2 years.
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    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    adv eng- 85 2u maths- 85 music 2- 87 phys- 72 (fuck phys, fuck science in general) mod- 81 I need 83 atar, and reverse matrix gives me 82.9 while and ********* gives me 84.9. FUCK THIS SHIT. ANOTHER NERVOUS DAY.
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    What was your childhood dream job, and what is it now?

    I used to have a toss between being a police officer so that I could have a part in enforcing justice as i have a passion for what is right and wrong, and also as a counsellor psychologist, inspired by my counselling sessions and realised that i wanted to do the same- nurture people into their...
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    good songs?

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    2x CDJ 850s + DJM750 vs Serato Controller?

    which DJ setup is best? Pros and Cons? Im stuck on which one to get.
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    Song lines

    imaginaryyyyy <3<3 omg i love that song so muchhhhh
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    Atar too low?

    Omg good. I remember the UAC lady at the office when i was handing in my application something about a date, and i knew that date to be on the same week as stereo. but i was scared that that date might have been the date where i get the letter, not the deadline date to hand it in... (29th...
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    How can I help my girlfriend grieving the loss of her friend?

    oh man i cringed when i read 'drunk and speeding'. wasnt even her fault. this world really does fucking suck sometimes. but anyways, don't interfere too much. don't go 'omg its gonna be ok omg' 24/7, talk to her in a serious-y tone like this- 'do you need anything, if you do, you know who you...
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    Will you ever break up because parents told you to?

    hell fucking no. If they do that then they are on the same level as homophobic parents who disown their child after finding out they are homosexual. Parents are there to GUIDE you through life, and love you no matter what person you are. not to DICTATE your life. (cough, some asian parents).
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    What do I do if i got no formal date?

    the girl i wanted to bring was overseas (actually overseas, not a nice way of saying no), so i was pretty bummed and sad but then the DJ played hardstyle and so formal became the highlight of my year 12 experience. Just go for the music and pretend it's defqon or something. Ignore all the...
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    EAS Applicationtach

    How do i know if my bonus point EAS application was successful? when i was handing my application in at the uac office, i remember telling me a date where they email me or something, and i specifically remember that date being the week of stereo.. but stereo has long passed and i havent got...