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    Economics HSC questions sorted by topic

    I would say Dot Points and the Riley Workbook would be best because these are both written questions and have solutions, Checkpoints is just made up of HSC questions (sorted by topic and edited probably) useful, but HSC papers are available for free. I don't think you'd be able to do all of the...
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    Economics HSC questions sorted by topic

    You could borrow from library/buy Cambridge checkpoints (these are hsc questions), workbooks from Riley/Dixon (they make their own questions but it's the same short-answer style) or Dot points (who also make their own questions).
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    How to write/study for creative pieces

    Lots of practice, get feedback (from teachers/tutors) and try to really think about the criticisms and make sure it doesn't happen again in your next practice. It would also be good to read a lot and draw inspiration from various author's writing style. Expand your vocabulary as well, having a...
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    Is Tutoring really necessary

    Holy that's so true. I've noticed that people not in those categories don't find tutoring effective. I think that's what you need to think about as well, how effective it will be for you. It's definitely possible to get those marks without tutoring but maybe tutoring will be a big help for you...
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    Is NGO and Sons good?

    I attended for a few weeks and I didn't enjoy it, to be honest, maybe that's just me because I prefer smaller tutoring classes. I don't see much point in attending another class where a teacher is teaching 20-30 students because that's just felt like another version of school maths. The...
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    Year 10 yearly exams help please

    Good job on having all of your notes done! Most people do these a day or two before the exam and they don't actually get to study off them. Anyway, I'd recommend active recall methods which is when you're actually recalling information because you know it and are not just recognising it. This...
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    Is internal ranking really that important?

    Internals and externals equally make up your final hsc mark. The school you go to may 'scale you down' because the internal part of your hsc mark is derived from your ranking within your cohort. All of the external hsc scores from your cohort are ranked and your external mark is basically the...
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    English Literary Techniques

    If you read through the rubric for each module, there will be a few they specifically mention. I don't think it's the hugest deal whether you use the techniques mentioned but it will show that you're using the rubric which will probably look good with the marker.
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    How good is Crest Economics?

    Has anyone attended Crest Economics? I'd love to hear any thoughts on their classes, the teachers, or any other general experiences you had.
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    should I keep advanced maths?? urgent!!

    Internal ranks are what's given to NESA for your final HSC score (the other half being your HSC exams marks, and everything is scaled) so if your rank is good in Adv. maths you should probably keep it. If you find yourself not enjoying it and unable to do the work for it then maybe start...
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    Summary notes

    I'd go with typing notes (except for maths or any other similar subjects which require working out/numbers/symbols/drawn diagrams etc.). It'd be easy to ctrl+f and search for things and you could easily add/adjust to them. Before an exam, I've heard people would write out a condensed version of...