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    Do you think women want sex as much as men?

    It all depends on the person, but in general, girls want it just as much, and sometimes more. It's just that society usually doesn't accept the idea of girls wanting to have sex as much as it accepts it with guys.
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    Help!! I'm totally screwed for speaking!!!

    :uhoh: So, here's the story. My sister is getting married on Saturday the 21st of August, in the afternoon, and for those of you who know your HSC timetable, the German Continuers speaking exam is also on Saturday the 21st of August between 9am and 4pm - No exact times as of yet. I'm a...
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    Do you lose marks for having 2 related texts?

    You won't lose marks, you just don't get marked on the second text you mentioned. If you wrote an integrated essay I'd say that you're probably in a little bit more trouble than those who didn't. Unfortunately the markers won't take into consideration which text is stronger. They don't have...
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    German Grammar

    alcalder, I think I love you!!!!! Thanks so much!! I would also really appreciate any vocab that you could email to me.