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    Arts at Monash

    Thanks for the information! Good luck for your final semester.
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    Best uni for an arts degree

    So if USyd is the best in NSW for Arts, what would be the best in Melbourne?
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    Arts at Monash

    Hello! Is anyone doing/thinking of doing a Bachelor of Arts at Monash? I was unable to attend the Open Day and would love to hear some perspectives regarding the course. Thank you!
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    Life Writing

    The Invention of Solitude by Paul Auster, The Orchard by Drusilla Modjeska, and Life Studies by Robert Lowell. You?
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    Accommodation (Bundoora Campus)

    Hello! Unlike most colleges from other universities, the La Trobe University colleges in Bundoora do not seem to have dedicated websites. Does anyone have any information on Menzies College and Glenn College? Do they have reputations? Thank you!
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    ANU accommodation 2012

    Hi! I'm not sure whether any of you still check 'Bored of Studies' considering you are now at uni, but I thought I would try to contact you anyway. I'm currently in Year 12 and am very interested in going to ANU next year! I would love to hear your thoughts on your accommodation (especially...
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    Bachelor of Arts at University of Melbourne? (particularly media & comm.)

    I'm also interested in this exact course! Would love to hear what people think of it.
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    Life Writing

    Hi! Is anyone doing Life Writing this year?